Give your baby the special care he needs with these products.

The skin from our babies It is very delicate and sensitive, so we must be especially careful with the products we use in it at bath time. The components of the soaps and shampoo They can easily cause irritation or even an allergic reaction, and that is why this time we recommend some products specially designed to give your baby the care his skin needs without risk of harm.

Moisturizing liquid soap Dove

This cream is hypoallergenic and has Neutral pH especially for sensitive skin. It does not contain fragrances or harmful chemicals, so the skin will stay healthy and smooth.

It is a product that generates a large amount of foam with which you can clean your baby gently and efficiently. It is not irritating to your eyes, so it won’t be a bad experience for him either.

Shampoo and bath gel with natural ingredients

This shampoo has been made with coconut oil and jojoba protein that leaves your skin soft and smooth and silky. It has been created as a bath gel that kills germs and give your baby a total cleaning.

An excellent product that has enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals that leave the skin feeling divine that your children will enjoy.

3. Body soap for newborns

This newborn baby soap gently cares for the skin sensitive because it is hypoallergenic, does not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes or strong fragrances.

Pediatrician tested and pH balanced to maintain the natural moisture barrier of baby’s skin. It is recommended to use it with warm water to gently lather giving a rich massage.

Baby soap with organic marigold

This organic baby lotion has been made with calendula, without additives, without parabens, without dyes, without mineral oils and is hypoallergenic.

It is ideal for delicate children’s skins, since it cleanses and hydrates them during the bath leaving them fresh and free of germs.

5. Natural shampoo anti tears

This anti-tear baby shampoo has a non-irritating formula to clean hair and skin at the same time. It has a natural plant-based cleansing complex with soy protein that hydrates the skin naturally.

Have a fresh scent that leaves baby’s skin soft, clean and smelling delicious. It is not harmful to baby’s skin and always keeps it nourished and hydrated.

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