Leave hair in the sink It is one of the things that causes more inconvenience when it comes to living together and sharing a bath. For this reason, the aprons that prevent the passage of hairs to washing at the time of shaving, and in this edition we present the 5 best for you to start using them at once.

1. Apron with comb and travel bag


This set of 6 pieces includes the beard apron with two suction cups and a shaping tool, the beard comb and a travel pack to move the equipment wherever you go.

With this product you can not only keep your sink clean, instead, you can calmly shape your beard and obtain symmetrical lines for a better appearance.

2. Wide apron with suction cups

This layer easily catches clippings from facial hair. It comes with a system of neck straps and to secure the mirror, it also has two high quality suction cups.

This soft fabric apron is non-stick and will make your beard waxing time more comfortable without leaving not a single hair in the sink nor in the space where you carry out the activity.

3. Extra long apron for shaving

This apron is made with resistant material and in an extra long size to give you more comfort when shaving.

Includes two holes at the ends for place the suction cups They are placed directly on the mirror for a strong and solid fit.

4. Tools kit for shaving

This combo can not miss in your bathroom It comes very well armed with a pear wood comb, a black beard modeling, a waterproof apron and a self-adhesive bag, plus two hooks with suction cups to hold in the mirror.

The kit is ideal for the man who likes it have all the tools at your disposal to achieve a better depilation of your beard, with the best equipment for it.

5. Compact shaving apron Beard king

With this practical black apron and extra soft fabric, you can easily shave as it catches all the hairs that you are leaving. Adjusts to the mirror easily.

This apron will allow you catch all the hair of the beard and mustache discarding comfortably and without disorder in the bathroom.