In the season of winter we must equip ourselves with the necessary tools to eliminate snow of the patio and the surroundings of our house. One of the most important are Pallas, which are made of different materials, adapting to your needs. Among the characteristics that we must take into account when choosing the snow plow you will find the size of the area where we are going to work, the angle of the shovel, the weight of the handle, the rails, and not least, the comfort when handling it. That is why we present you five options of shovels so you can remove snow in winter.

1. Lifeline: Aluminum shovel

The Lifeline brand aluminum shovel consists of three removable pieces that will allow you to fold it to the size that suits you, as well as carry it in your car or backpack to remove the snow not only from your yard, but from your path.

It weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and its measurements are 26 x 12 x 8 inches. This available in six colors vibrant. Do not let winter take you by surprise and much less that your patio is filled with snow.

2. Snow Pusher with wheels by Orientools

Is snow plow It is made of high impact plastic with non-slip rubber wheels. The stainless steel handle can be adapted up to 50 inches in height and the grip is comfortable to avoid mistreating your hands.

Heavy Duty Snow Pusher te allows you to remove up to 5 inches deep snow and with the support of its rough you achieve the perfect thrust and angle to avoid back injuries and clear the ice from your patio.

3. Emergency shovel laptop

The Hopkins 17211 shovel from Subzero brand has a folding handle up to 37 inches long made of stainless steel with rubber on the end for a better grip. His shovel measures 9-1 / 2 “.

It is a special emergency shovel to have in your car or in a corner of your house, allowing compact storage. This tool weighs 1.2 pounds, making it an easy-to-use tool for removing snow.

4. Snow shovel with wide wheel

The EasyGoProducts brand has for you its shovel with wheel 24 inches wide by 15 inches deep. The handle is fully height adjustable and pleasant on the hands, guaranteeing comfort while removing snow.

The wheel is wide to guarantee a good push, facilitating the technique of the lever to remove, lift and throw snow.

5. Multipurpose shovel from Snow Joe

The Snow Joe shovel can not only be used to remove snow, but anytime you need to clear your way. This tool is made of aluminum with an adaptable handle up to 21.3 inches long, the grip is durable rubber to bring comfort to your hands.

The manufacturer offers a lightweight tool 1.28-pound weight that you can use beyond winter to keep your patio not only free of snow, but also of any material that accumulates around your home.