Nothing better than a good relaxing shower when you get home.

After a long stress-filled work routine, we look forward to the end of the day for a drink. good bath and relax before bed. So change the shower head It is a good solution to achieve this, since they are designed with different hydromassage options that help you disconnect from your problems. Here are 5 of the best pieces you can install in your home for less than $ 100.

1. Sparkpod: Head with 90 nozzles

This shower head has a chrome design with 90 silicone nozzles built exclusively for remove water deposits and avoid clogging. The $ 29.99 package includes Teflon tape and an additional water filter.

It is an elegant piece that expels 6 inches of water so you can get a relaxing bath. It can also be easily connected to any standard arm, so it does not require tools for installation.

2. WantBa: Head with 57 pressure nozzles

This head with chrome finish 6 inches wide, it offers a high pressure flow that is distributed in 57 easy to clean rubber nozzles. You can get it at a price of $ 26.95.

It is a modern and luxurious piece with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which is a good option to save water. Likewise, it has a rotating ball that you can adjust as you wish to maintain a constant and powerful water flow.

3. NearMoon: 12-inch head

Round 12-inch waterfall style head with an 11-inch arm. Parts made of solid brass and with a corrosion resistant cover. The package comes at a price of $ 38.99 and includes sealant tape and an extra filter.

It is designed with silicone nozzles that won’t clog or drip, which allows the water to flow with pressure and constancy according to the angle of your preference so that your tense muscles can relax.

4. Harjue: Flexible square head

Square head with a adjustable 11 inch arm, which is made of stainless steel and has waterproof welded seams. It comes in a package with a special wrench, sealing tape and extra filter, and is priced at $ 36.99.

It has advanced technology with air reinforcement to offer a powerful and consistent rain experience with the help of its 144 self-cleaning silicone nozzles, which prevent blockages and reduce the growth of bacteria.

5. AquaDance: Double head

It is a hand head made with chrome material, with dial lever and rubber ducts that facilitates complete cleaning. It has a pause mode that is perfect for saving water, and with six spray settings. Its price is $ 34.49.

It is a modern design that you can use as a hand shower with its ergonomic handle or as an overload, both options offer a powerful three-way water pressure with an adjustable angle.