A practical and delicate way to have a beautiful memory of your special day.

One of the happiest moments in couples’ lives is undoubtedly the day of the wedding, since it is the beginning of a life together and the first step in building a family. To preserve all memories of that moment and the special people who accompanied them, we show you below the best options of books of signatures so that your guests can leave you a message that you can treasure for many years.

1. Guest Book with Vintage Style


It is a wooden wedding guest book, with Baltic birch, rustic and stained in magnificent finish. You can personalize it with your names and the date of the wedding celebration.

Perfect as gift to the bride and groom. Your wedding guests can simply sign the pages of the book or add special tips for the newlyweds.

Wedding book with leather cover

The cover of this book has a patterned lace detail and the wrought gold title adds a touch of elegance. unique and special. It has 160 pages each with verses from the Bible.

It is a timeless guest book that is elegantly designed as the perfect keepsake for your wedding day. You can remember your special day, as well as all your family and friends who celebrate with you.

3. Guest Book with craft paper

Collect love notes and memories for years to come with this beautifully designed guest book with unique hardcover from pink gold, 100 pages of photos and signatures and a rich border of aluminum foil.

It has a custom horizontal design combined with plain sign pages. Includes a exquisite calligraphy which highlights the beautiful high quality craft paper to mark the best day of your life.

4. Guest Book of Classic style

An impressive guest book in a whitish color with the word love in the center in gold color. It has 22 pages and is 24 centimeters wide and 18.5 centimeters high.

Is a excellent choice so that all your family and friends express the best wishes for you. Its delicate elegance and unique design gives a special touch to your wedding day.

5. Guest Book with hand painted cover


It is a guest book with a design inspired by a vintage book with gold letters and floral details. It has some beautiful illustrations painted entirely by hand by Valerie McKeehan.

Inside the book you find a instructional marker with velvet tassel ribbon included, which allows you to mark a particular page. Every beautiful word and wish will always be on these pages.

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