A touch of technology that will help you a lot in your daily routine.

Today, the vast majority of our time is connected to some smart electronic device, either to be able to carry out our tasks, jobs or simply to communicate with other people. However, we can not always carry our cell phone, tablet or computer at hand, so the smart watches They are the most indicated when being aware of all your notifications, but in a practical and discreet way. Take a look at these options and add a touch of technology to your daily activities.

1. Smart Watch with Bluetooth sync


It is everything you need to control all your devices in a small tracker. In addition to seeing the time, it allows you to monitor the heart rate, count steps, stopwatch, reminder, calorie counter and more.

With his LCD screen From high-end mobile phone you can see your messages, calls, calendar and your applications. Helps you stay connected all the time and best of all, it’s available to you for $ 45.99.

2. Clock with Touch screen and camera


Made with a ergonomic curved design and a soft strap that make it more comfortable to wear. This watch includes multifunctional monitoring of physical activity, with an updated long-lasting battery.

You only have to connect the clock with the synchronization function Through Bluetooth, you download the application and in addition to calls and messages, you can connect to all your networks for only $ 27.99.

3. Clock a Water proof


It is a smart watch that adapts to your active lifestyle, with a large battery lasting between 7 and 10 days that allows you to always be connected; while helping you stay motivated and healthy.

Waterproof, its screen High Definition Color makes it easy to operate and gives you a clear view of the screen. It allows you to be on time always and connected with everything you need for $ 55.99.

4. Clock with Activity Tracking


It is an exercise tracker designed to meet the international standard High-grade waterproof and dustproof. Analyze sleep duration data to help you improve the quality of your rest.

With its screen you can adjust the time, alarm clock, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, countdown, calls, messages, receive notifications of your applications and all this for only $ 39.99.

5. Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


It has a sleek and modern designIt’s waterproof, it has a durable TPU strap and a tempered glass cover that makes it scratch and shock resistant.

It is a perfect choice for you daily follow up of physical activity and health monitor, at the same time that allows you to be in connection with your synchronized smart devices. Is available in Amazon for $ 79.50.