An easy and cheap alternative to protect the interior of your car.

Keep our vehicle Well-groomed is a daily chore for those who care about protecting their car. During the summer and the days sunny, temperatures can increase a lot and UV rays deteriorate the interior of the car. Given this, it is important that we protect you even from sunlight, when we park it outdoors for long periods. A good way to do this is with windshield protectors that we show you below:

1. Folding parasol universal

This parasol has been designed with A1 umbrellas that allow you to take care of the windshields of your car and wrap the mirrors mounted on the windshield achieving maximum coverage, guaranteeing the blocking of UV rays.

It is easy to install and with this system you will take care of your vehicle from the sun, so that it does not heat or damage electronic accessories of the board.

2. Windshield protector 5 layer

This windshield has been designed with aluminum foil Reflective and thick five-layer bubble material that gives the cooling effect inside the vehicle.

With a five layer system, this sunscreen is foldable, the umbrella is quick to install and it is reusable for its premium quality, which will give your car the shield it needs against the effects of the weather.

3. Pair of universal umbrellas patterned

This umbrella is universal fit, so fits the windshield of most vehicles and has been designed with two pieces for use. It has colored patterns and can be customized by the manufacturing company.

With these pretty umbrellas you will be able to prevent high temperatures inside your vehicle and at the same time protect each element inside the dash.

4. Folding parasol to reduce the temperature

This sun visor for vehicles has been designed with 210T technology High quality that gives you better protection against the accumulation of sun, UV rays and heat. It has a compact shape that comes with a travel bag. Installs and folds in seconds.

Lowering the temperature Inside your vehicle, this sun visor will protect the seats and the entire technological system of the dashboard of your car.

5. Double protector anti UV rays

This UV protector have been designed to keep the inside of your cool and comfortable vehicle. They also prevent the board from fading and cracking. It is two-piece and fits most cars.

This high density blocker has been reinforced with high resistance ductile wire and using heat reduction technology that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and heat, and so you will be taking care of your car.