Comfortable shoes for day to day.

Swelling of the feet is a problem that can affect both men and women and has various causes such as being overweight, diabetes or working long hours on your feet. This pain causes suffering in the person, making it difficult for him to fully enjoy his day. If you suffer from swelling in the feet, one of these 5 models can help you reduce pain and provide comfort.


These espadrilles type footwear Skechers It is made of mesh fabric, which allows your foot to breathe. Its fabric is also elastic, adapting correctly to your foot and it has a wide fit. They have a cushioned insole, memory foam and they are very light, ideal to provide support to your foot without bothering you.

Although it is the most expensive in the guide, priced at $ 59.95 it is also the best valued. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are very easy to put on and take off, and that they offer a lot of comfort in the feet. This shoe is recommended for people with swelling in the feet due to its wide fit and for those who have problems bending down to tie their laces, since they do not have them.


By the velcro closure of these tennis shoes LarnMern They are low weight and ideal for working, since they have protection on the toe. Its fabric allows the foot to breathe and also provides a better adaptation. It has a high and flexible platform, which guarantees movement.

With a price of $ 49.99These shoes from LarnMern offer safety footwear, but with the comfort that your feet need. Due to its light weight, comfort of its insole and possibilities of adjustment due to its velcro, it is a perfect shoe for people who suffer swelling in their feet and who are looking for something easy to put on.

3. Skechers

Of the brand SkechersThey are made of breathable fabric with a sloping rubber base, guaranteeing more comfort. The insole inside offers a padded surface and the interior is made of soft fabric to prevent rubbing.

With a price of $ 50These Skechers sneakers have great support at the base and a low weight, making them ideal shoes to wear all day without pain, recommended for people who suffer from swelling due to fatigue or suffer from fasciitis. To ensure maximum comfort, it is recommended to buy these larger mid-size sneakers if you have a wide foot, as recommended by customers.


With a style similar to the first in the guide, these shoes Skechers They are made of two different fabrics for greater comfort. On the upper part they are made of a fabric that allows the foot to breathe, but on the edges it has a more resistant fabric so that the shoe lasts longer. It has a flexible, lightweight, shock-absorbing base and an internal insole of memory foam.

This is the best-selling product, with a price of $ 42.99 and a very simple design to put on and take off. They are available in various colors, and help to better distribute the weight of the feet, reducing fatigue and swelling. In addition, they are available in wide sizes to give your foot space.

5. Avia

These sneakers Avia They are made of synthetic leather to resist moisture and stains. They have a closure with two velcros, which facilitates the adjustment to each foot. Inside, they offer a soft fabric in the lining to avoid friction and an insole of memory foam. In addition, its rubber base has a slight inclination that guarantees comfort and is non-slip.

It is the cheapest footwear, with a price of $ 24.99 offering comfort at a low value. Due to their velcro straps, they are ideal for people with problems when tying their laces and to adjust it exactly to the size of your foot. Available in wide sizes, these sneakers offer great support at the sole and ankles of the foot, for all-day wear.