For perfect, voluminous curls throughout the day.

Maintaining shiny and beautiful hair is one of the goals that many women pursue on a daily basis. And if you have the curly hairYou will know that it is one of the most delicate and complicated styles to maintain in optimal conditions. The best way to have perfect hair is with a styling cream And so, we suggest you are 5 formulated to take care of your curls.

1. New formula Curl line

The line Curls Defined Fishing Line It has microparticles that react on contact with hair fibers, releasing a pleasant fragrance and hydrating each of the follicles on your scalp.

With this cream you will have hydrated hair for up to 24 hoursat the same time as making it more shiny and silky. Enjoy stunning curls for longer regardless of the weather.

2. Styling cream with pulp aloe vera

Made from extracts of aloe vera, it is an exclusive styling cream to give firmness and shine to each of the hair curlers.

The cream gives your scalp the force and resistance to face all the demands of your day to day. Its active ingredients also prevent hair loss and protect it from dryness.

3. Cream for thick curls and healthy

It is a formula created to give your curls a intense shine, volume and a healthier appearance. This product is made only for women with hair with thick and thick curls.

By using this cream you will have shiny, defined and completely frizz-free hair. A hair care product that guarantees smooth, manageable curlers, silky and strong.

Curl Amplifier with argan oil

This product helps define curls and control frizz thanks to its formula based on argan oil, avocado and jojoba, ingredients that deeply moisturize each hair fiber.

Curl Defining is made with natural ingredients that deeply hydrate the scalp without leaving residues. A hygiene product that dries quickly and leaves your curls defined and silky in minutes.

5. Defining cream for curls

Elaborated to give more body and volume to the scalp, while leaving it soft, manageable and moisturized throughout the day. A cream made from argan oil that helps define, control and shape curly hair.

A hair with a shine healthy and a pleasant fragrance that will last in your curls until the end of the day are the main attributes of this patented formula, made with the highest quality ingredients.

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