Travel It is a pleasure that we all enjoy, but organizing suitcases It is something that can be truly stressful. It is always good to have a identifier that allows us to locate them quickly and thus not lose them among the sea of luggage that we have to face at the airport. So if you want to avoid wasting time and money locating your suitcase on your next trip, take a look at the identifiers that we show you below:

1. Pack of 7 luggage tags

This set of 7 luggage tags have been made of PVC material Flexible and durable that can be folded without damage.

You can carry them in your luggage and thus identify it with this fun set of labels that shine with neon colors so you can maintain visual control even in the dark.

2. Tropical labels with metal chain

It is easy to identify by its fun designs in colors that come with a rope and a screw connector that attaches to your suitcase. The labels have been made with flexible silic

With its unique design with figures that resemble ftropical routes and drinks of the caribbeanThese labels can be carried in your luggage when you go on vacation.

3. Identifiers with world map

These pretty labels come in a set of 4 colors representing the world map and comes with replaceable notes to write your name and destination address. It has a belt buckle to attach it to your suitcase.

These labels are ideal for touring the world always assuring that you will not lose your bags with these identifiers.

4. Luggage tags with mandalas

These beautiful labels come with mandala designs and they measure approximately 4.7 inches each. Its adjustment chains are made of reinforced stainless steel.

The beautiful designs of these labels will accompany your suitcases wherever you go, carrying with them good energies through the mandalas.

5. Identifier with colorful world map

These beautiful label designs slide on top and are water resistant, to the inks and the rays of the sun. They are made of durable vinyl and have belts that fit your bags.

Your luggage in addition to look very chic With these labels printed on the world map, you will be protected and well identified until you reach your destination.