Choose a luggage that the whole family can use is a complicated task, that’s why buying a complete set of suitcases It is an excellent option when it comes to saving money if you are going on a family trip. In addition, they can also help you identify luggage quickly and easily to avoid problems or delays at the airport. Take a look at these options for your next trip.

1. Set of 3 pieces with different sizes

This is a practical set of 3 suitcases with a rigid cover design, Available in 17 different metallic colors. They are made of 100% ABS, so they are light and resistant. They also feature a chrome button handle and high security zippered pockets.

It has the advantage that its wheels allow you to rotate it up to 360 ° and glide easily on any surface.

2. Spacious suitcases with built-in padlock

Suitcases with a durable rigid shell, with a ergonomic design perfect to withstand bumps and scratches. It has a handle made of aluminum, multidirectional wheels and a TSA lock.

Suitcases swith practical, comfortable and light. Ideal to take everywhere and provide you with a great experience on your trip. Its padlock allows you to secure all your things and you can place a 4-digit code that only you will know.

3. Suitcase set with hand bag

In case you like a more classic style, this is a set of suitcases 4 suitcases of different sizes made with high quality materials. It has double wheels and glides easily on different surfaces.

Its travel bag is practical to carry as hand luggage and the suitcases contain a large space inside. They have multiple pockets to have a better organization.

4. American Tourister: Suitcases with spacious cabin bags

The American Tourister luggage brand has been characterized by creating practical, high-quality luggage. This is a versatile suitcase set and made with high quality polyester materials.

It is a set that will protect your things thanks to the fact that it has reinforced corners to withstand bumps. It is ultra light and has pockets on the inside and outside to keep your things organized easily

5. Spacious suitcases with 4 wheels

This is a set of 3 large suitcases They feature a reinforced corner design to withstand bumps, caster wheels for better mobility and sleeves to allow you more capacity.

Ideal for long trips, it will secure and protect your clothes and personal items. Also its spinning wheels allow you greater comfort and you can move wherever you want.