Whether due to chemicals, treatments, hormones, or genetics, many women suffer from dhair stability, which makes it fall and break more easily, and thus lose the volume and quantity of our hair. And although not all solutions work for everyone, vitamin supplements They are an almost infallible option, since they nourish you from the inside out and give your hair a renewed strength from the root, so your hair will grow much healthier and stronger in record time. Take a look at these options and get ready to sport a magazine mane.

1. SugarBearHair: Chewable vitamins with folic acid

With a tender and striking design, these vitamins chews contain biotin, vitamins D, B12 and A, and folic acid to give your hair shine, strength, elasticity and enhance their growth.

With just one shot a day you can see the results quickly. It is one of the products most popular today for hair health, so thousands of users validate its effectiveness.

2. Hairfluence: Supplement with biotin, keratin and bamboo

These vegetarian capsules have a formula that strengthens hair growth and nourishes it from the root. Includes biotin, keratin, bamboo and several other elements that allow you to obtain visible results in 4 weeks.

You only need one daily intake to give your hair the nutrition and strength it needs. Not only can you use it for growth, it also works for repair chemical damaged hair.

3. Certified vitamins for hair growth

Nourishes, strengthens and increases growth of the hair thanks to its scientifically proven formula with vegan elements.

With its regular use you can have a long hair as you like, no split ends, bobby pins or break. It is ideal for reversing chemical damage and heat treatments on hair.

4. Supplement for prevent hair loss

This supplement has a natural and vegetarian formula with 11 active ingredients that helps you replenish nutrients that are related to hair growth and loss.

You can increase length and abundance of your hair in a short time, and thus be able to give your body a natural treatment without the risk of side effects.

5. Keratin supplement For the hair

Keratin helps improve elasticity and resistance of hair, in addition to enhancing its growth. The super strong formula of this supplement means you can have visible results in 4 weeks.

Repair your hair and it does grow stronger and more resistant, so you will no longer have to look for other products for their growth.