Enjoy the summer riding the waves with these surfboards.

When we look for one surf table we must take into account certain characteristics that fit our needs to conquer the best waves, especially if it is beginners who want to learn the basics of sport and become a great surfer. The good thing is that there are designs with greater volume and flexibility to provide stability during the first maneuvers in the water. Take a look at the ones shown below:

Surf table with diamond cut

It is a surfboard that has a construction with an EPS, fiberglass and epoxy resin core, a finish that offers greater durability and flexibility against touches. In addition, it has a diamond cut design, EVA traction pad and interchangeable fins.

This model is ideal for beginners, since it has a double concave base and with a rocker line that provides greater responsiveness and stability when hitting a wave, as well as better dynamics in the water.

2. Surfboard with EVA pads

Surfboard with polyurethane core that combines with two pieces of EVA pads and with three removable skater fins. Its measurements are 21 inches with a thickness of 3 inches.

Among its features is its safe construction that is made with material resistant to shocks and sun exposure. Without forgetting what it is lighter and floats more, which is ideal for beginners who are beginning in the world of surfing.

3. Surf table with traction pads

It is built with a core and a polyethylene cover with a design that includes pull pads with removable fins that guarantee high speed. It is 72 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.

It is a perfect surfboard for all those adults and children who are learning to move among the waves, since it is a light piece that facilitates the development in the water to do tricks, jumps and turns.

4. Surfboard with reinforced polyethylene

This is a surfboard that is double reinforced with polyethylene plastic and fiberglass on the top and bottom, plus a scratch and sun resistant XPE cover. Includes a 6-inch straight strap, 1 9-inch center fin and 3 5-inch fins.

It has all the necessary characteristics for beginning Sufists, since its nose tip, concave base and pointed tail design gives it greater speed, stability and versatility at the time of reaching the waves.

5. Surfboard with EPS core

It is a short surfboard that has a durable construction with an EPS, epoxy resin and fiberglass core, materials that combined with the wide front, add volume to increase speed and facilitate the collision with the waves. Includes 3 removable fins.

It also has a slight hip on the back of the fin to reduce the rear foot area, this creates a pivot point and allows quick turns, while the box and rails offer traction.

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