If you’re looking to balance the tone of tan on your skin, the most recommended is to have products that can facilitate the process naturally and easily, without so many complications. For this, it is best to choose some suntan cream high quality that allows you to maintain an even tone throughout your body, such as those presented below:

1. Beauty by Earth: Cream Tanning Lotion


Tanning cream made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, green tea, among others. This lotion offers a balanced tan without exposing your skin to sunlight for too long.

If you want to wear a tone of Sun tanning natural on your skin, this product is ideal for you. You will be able to show your tanned look without harmful tint marks.

2. Jergens: Cream to balance and reaffirm your skin tone


Cream lotion for balance and reaffirm 7.50 oz. medium skin tones. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients to daily moisturize the layers of your skin.

With this cream you will not only show off a skin moistened and beautiful, but also you can reaffirm the medium tone of it every day without the smell of tanning lotion.

3. Sun Labs: Formula in self-tanning lotion


Natural formula in lotion creamy to show off a toned tan all over your body and face. This product is designed to leave a natural bronze-colored look with just three hours of use. Moisturizes and moisturizes equally.

Ideal option to tone your body in a perfect and attractive color bronze. You will wear a tan without dyes that can affect the health and general appearance of your skin.

4. L’Oreal Paris: Moisturizing Tanning Milk


Cream frothy which is responsible for giving a natural, tanned and uniform shine in the natural tone of your skin. This product features a 5.5 oz medium size.

With applying this lotion Creamy throughout your body, you will be moisturizing your skin while toning the tone of it. You will look attractive, bright and healthy in no time.

5. Bahama Tan: 100% organic tanning cream


Lotion in tanning cream, made with 100% natural ingredients and organic. This product presents a quantity of 8 ounces. Free of toxic and harmful elements.

If you are looking tone the tone of your skin without so many chemicals or that can be harmful, this option is ideal for you. They will show a balanced and healthy tone throughout your body.