Have a change of look in the comfort of your home without spending a lot of money.

The hair It is the frame of our face, and having healthy and beautiful hair makes us look even more beautiful. The tone of the hair sometimes gets boring and it is time to have a change of look. So that you can change it yourself without mistreating it and saving money, we present you the best options in temporary organic dyes so that you catch all eyes with your new and daring look.

1. Celeb Luxury: Color Shampoo Concentrated


Is a quality product It is not only good for your hair but also for the environment, it is free of parabens, sulfates, ammonia, peroxide and PPD. It is also 100% vegan and has not been tested on animals.

The intense color and washing can often dry your hair and remove shine and moisture. This shampoo, in addition to coloring your hair, is made up of a nourishing formula so that you can show off beautiful and vibrant hair.

2. Punk Color: Conditioner Semi – Permanent


It is a semi-permanent color cream. Its formula comes with a complex of vegan keratin that enhances color for a brighter, better tone and lasts longer.

With a single application of this hair dye it can last you up to 25 washestherefore you can color less frequently but without losing your style. In addition to coloring, it leaves your hair soft and healthy.

3. Color Wax for hair


Unisex Styling Cream is designed to give you richly colored hair with a bleached look, instantly, without using bleach and without damaging your hair. This wax allows you comb and dye your hair at the same time.

Its coloring is easy, its washing is easy and your hair will always be strong and undamaged. It is an excellent solution so that you can show off different shades of hair without having to mistreat it.

4. Kera Color: Conditioner Cleaner


It is a foam-free conditioner cleaner designed for instantly infuse the color in your hair with each wash. It is based on keratin to promote strength, shine and softness.

You can add amazing shades, keep the vibration and raise your color between visits to the salon. The lighter your color, the more vibrant the results will be. With this product you maintain the vitality of your hair.

5. Joyous: Temporary Tint For the hair


It is a practical mask so you can dye your hair in a way temporary without damaging it. You can change your color with each wash. You should only apply it to your clean and dry hair.

You may highlight your look with these vibrant colors, combining all the tones or applying the one you want according to the occasion and even making it match your clothing.