In outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or camping, it is necessary to have the necessary clothing to have an optimal experience. Therefore, there are sleeping bags that increasingly protect us from the cold. Therefore, we present you a selection of the 5 best thermal sleeping bags What you must have to go camping in the cold season:

1. Coleman: quality and resistance

The new sleeping bag Coleman It measures 32 inches by 82 ”and adapts to any texture. Features durable polyester and diamond ripstop coverage that resists breakage.

With this sleeping bag you will get a very pleasant feeling even when you are in temperatures below 0 degrees. Ideal for when you go to mountain camping, beach, or any other occasion. It comes in orange, blue and olive green colors.

2. Teton sports: Sleep comfortably down to -25 ° F.

The Teton sports It is a favorite of campers for its spacious, warm design and ventilation options. It features a high-quality construction with sturdy materials and an included compression bag for compact storage.

It is strong, light and easy to carry. It has closings on the left and right sides for couples. It is thermal and has double layer and seam, without cold spots. It is undoubtedly an essential equipment for camping in cold weather.

3. Coleman: Super padded sleeping bag

Sleeping bag Coleman For cold weather it is made of 100% Polyester and is designed to withstand very low temperatures. It also adapts to most heights, up to 5 feet.

Its dimensions are 33 x 75 inches. It is machine washable. It also has a Thermolock system thatEduce heat loss through the zipper. It comes in blue and red.

4. FARLAND: Foldable Sleeping Bag

FARLAND sleeping bag It weighs 4.0 lbs. and is designed to ensure that after a tiring day of hiking, traveling or any other exploration, you can sleep soundly and relaxed. Designed for temperatures between 20-62 ℉ / -7-17 ℃.

In addition, these bags also have a waterproof and weatherproof design to keep you warm even in extreme conditions and thus avoid humidity. It is completely foldable so you can carry it with you at all times.

5. Abco tech: Portable sleeping bag

Sleeping bag Abco tech It is light, portable and waterproof. Ideal for travel and camping seasons, hiking and outdoor activities. They are designed for very low temperatures up to 20 degrees F °. What’s more, these bags also have a waterproof and weather-resistant waterproof design to keep you warm even in extreme conditions.

They are also very easy to clean since they are suitable for the washing machine. Furthermore, each bag comes with a travel bag, a compression bag with straps, which makes it very convenient to store and carry. It has a 100% polyester lining.