The tortilla It is a very versatile ingredient that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to this, it is the base for a great variety of exquisite dishes; something that gives you the opportunity to further expand your palate and come up with new ways to incorporate them into the menu of the House. Here are the top 5 tortilla presses so you can always count on fresh tortillas.

1. Victory: press made in Colombia

Victoria offers an omelette press that has been made with molten iron. The dam includes an extra screw for the lever and a manual with detailed instructions on use and care.

Victoria’s model is strong and durable; In addition, its patented design guarantees easy and uniform pressing, in this way all tortillas will always have a beautiful circular shape.

2. HIC Harold Import Co: aluminum press

HIC Harold Import offers a tortilla press that is made from aluminum heavy and sturdy handle. The piece measures 8.5 inches, including the handle and comes with instructions.

HIC Harold presents a press characterized mainly by its durability. Tortillas up to 6 inches can be prepared in it. It is important that you press hard so that the dough acquires the perfect thickness.

3. Norpro: tortilla press

Norpro offers a tortilla press made in cast aluminum which measures 6 inches. It is easy to use and clean; Furthermore, its compact size makes it very easy to store.

Norpro’s model is extremely resistant, durable and offers excellent leverage. It is an ideal press for large quantities, so you will always have enough tortillas for family and occasional visitors.

4. StarBlue: electric tortilla press

StarBlue presents an electric tortilla machine, made entirely of stainless steel high quality and very durable. It is recommended to clean it gently with a damp cloth.

StarBlue launches a new machine for tortillas with surface non-stick. The best thing is that it has a green LED light that indicates when the omelette is ready.

5. Always-quality: iron press

Always-quality offers an omelette press that is made with molten iron and includes its own instruction manual and cookbook.

Always-quality presents an ideal model for preparing dishes traditional mexican like flower tortillas, corn tortillas or sugar pancakes. The recipe book brings innovative preparations with which you can always surprise your family.