Dry your hair and take care of tangles with these towels.

Have a hair beautiful has its care process, where many elements are combined to obtain the silkiness and shine that we love. There are many products that we use for this purpose, but the moment of drying It is also important to use the proper tools to avoid tangling and breakage. That is why this time we present you the top five towel turbans to dry your hair when you get out of the shower without mistreating it.

1. Towel turban microfiber

Made from flexible Aquitex microfibers, this turban has been designed to dry hair correctly and evenly. Its softness is provided by terry cotton.

This turban is ideal for quickly dry hair releasing your hands so you can prepare for your day.

2. Quick drying towels and anti frizz

With UltraWicking technology, this turban is super soft for the fabric with which it has been made and comes in pink and white.

Absorbs 80 percent more water for a fast drying hair And it comes with a wide tooth detangling comb, easing the tangles in your damp hair.

3. Set of 2 turbans super absorbent

Made of polyester, this towel measures between 10 and 25 centimeters and adapts to most hair lengths.

It is ultralight and wicks moisture while offering a quick dry and frizz free hair. Comes with beautiful pastel colours.

4. Towel for long hair

It has been made with flexible and very soft microfibers. Its wide design makes it ideal for long hair, because they are 25% longer than towels of normal length.

It is easy to carry while doing other things around the home and traps all moisture hair related.

5. 2 Pack Microfiber Towels For the hair

Made of superfine fiber With a button to secure the towels preventing hair from slipping, it adapts to all hair types and their lengths.

You can use it when you bathe with the certainty that your hair will be wrapped and protected and when drying it will absorb all the moisture leaving it ready for the next beauty step.