A piece that will help maintain order in your children’s bedroom.

The order At home it is one of the main challenges that people have to face every day, especially when we talk about large families. A clean and organized environment gives a feeling of well-being and can even influence the health of each person. It is very important to teach children to organize from an early age, for this reason we have selected five types of toy trunks that perfectly match the decoration of the smallest room.

1. Box toys with cap

A cute and dynamic storage box toys It is completely foldable and has a design with a closure and lid that helps keep its contents safe. It is white with gray and has the measures to store toys of different sizes.

You can store toys or use it for other items such as books, games, arts and crafts supplies, linens, pillows, blankets, clothes, shoes and more.

2. Furniture for toys which becomes a stool

This trunk is white, making it ideal for the design of any house as it combines with any style. It is designed to save all small toys at home and keep them in a dust-free space.

From the KidKraft brand this trunk will help you keep the order that you want inside your house. A sturdy and safe piece that is perfect for your children to store all their toys in a totally private space.

3. Trunk of wood classic

This wooden trunk is ideal to keep order and beautify your spaces. It has a type design stool where children can sit comfortably. This bench is handmade and painted with water-based dyes.

You can store all your children’s toys in this versatile wooden chest. Its size makes it perfect for storing stuffed animals, books, games, clothes and much more.

4. Storage bank folding

A storage cabinet that features a collapsible design and is made of durable, thick synthetic leather with standard thickness. It is waterproof and very easy to clean.

Folds perfectly when not in use, thus saving you a lot of space and making it a more practical piece of furniture. Organize everything in House and keep all the right place in your home.

5. Box storage with drawers

This special toy box has a comfortable design that includes two removable drawers that provide even more space when organizing all the toys of the kids. Its practical shape allows you to also use it as a stool.

Organize big and small toys, crafts, household items and much more in this practical trunk. In addition, it has a reinforcement hinge that allows to maintain the Open lid without risk of children suffering accidents.