Despite the great technological advances that the electronic Currently, they have not yet been able to solve one of their main drawbacks: the battery duration. On repeated occasions we have found ourselves in the need to delay our departure from home to be able to charge our cell phone or we simply ran out of battery on the street and were cut off. The solution to this problem is usb chargers what can you connect in your car, so that you can charge your cell phone on your daily trips and not affect its performance. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you:

1. Anker: fast charging USB charger

his advanced technology PowerIQ’s and VoltageBoost’s combine to provide the fastest possible charge of up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port. It comes with two USB ports and a LED light for dusk.

Compact in design, the charger gives you a security system Anker MultiProtect that guarantees complete protection of your devices. It is compatible with models iPhone Y Android.

2. AmazonBasics: 4-port car USB charger

The USB charger features four ports and 48 wattsSo you can charge up to 4 devices at once, like phones, tablets and other devices. Its LED is discreet, so there are no distractions to confirm the connection.

his built-in security system It includes overload, short circuit and surge protection (CE, FCC and RoHS certified). It is light and compact, making it easy to transport. Also, it is fast charging.

3. Lightningfast: USB car charger with C connector

This charger offers fast charging of a total of 3.1 amps from 2.1a ports and 1st. It has an official Apple license that guarantees quality. It’s compatible with iPhone Y Android.

From strong wiring, which will not undo with repeated use. In addition, its separate USB ports avoid the risk of short circuits.

4. Anker: USB car charger with protection system

It has a 2.4 amp fast charge of power that your iPhone, iPad or iPod as fast as possible.

Compact And with an input voltage of 12/24 volts, the charger guarantees a complete protection system for you and your devices.

5. Meagoes: Dual Port Compact Car USB Charger

The charger has a fast charge for iPhone XS Max / XS / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8/7 Plus / 7 / SE with 2.4A for each output. It is faster than its original 1A charger. MFi certified (made for iPhone, iPod, iPad).

With two USB ports, the charger offers you a security guarantee where the built-in MFi chip and metal casing reinforce the struc for your cell ph

ture, thus protecting the devices from overheating, overload and overcurrent.