Take advantage of this list and give him a gift he will not forget.

The Valentine’s Day it’s the perfect time of year to show your love to that special someone with a beautiful present. You should never forget that what is truly important is the intention, but if you want to give a gift that they will not forget, take a look at these options and captivate the hearts of everyone on February 14:

1. the Teddy bear that never fails

Teddy bears are one of the classic gifts to give on Valentine’s Day. That is why the Wildream brand presents its bear made in super fluffy plush, ideal for hugging. It measures 15 inches from the feet to the ears.

The teddy bear is white with a gold bow. And what if you apply a little of your perfume? Remember that small details make the difference.

2. Delicious chocolates as sweet as love

Other classic and successful gift for Valentine they are chocolates. The Fames brand offers you crispy almond empanadas, vanilla and hazelnut truffles, chocolate caramel, chewy walnut, raspberry sticks, chocolate fudge and fresh mango truffles.

All gourmet delicacy comes luxuriously packaged ready to give away. Do you want to leave your mark with your gift? So these chocolates are what you need.

3. Preserved rose in glass

A rose preserved in a glass jar under a special technique to keep it fresh, soft and beautiful for a period of between three and five years, calling it Eternal Flower. The measurements of this gift is 14.5 inches high by 8.7 wide.

The rose arrives packaged in a luxurious box, successful for a special occasion. With this gift, that special person will keep you in mind as it must be placed in a special place away from hostilities. Be unforgettable with this detail that transforms the classic rose into a durable detail.

4. Bouquet of balloons by Treasures Gifted

The fun and romantic balloons are another type of special details for Valentine’s Day. The Treasures Gifted brand offers a package with Metallized balloons and confetti, ideal to decorate and give a pleasant surprise.

The brand guarantees quality balloons with Hours of duration. The balloons are easy to install, ideal for that special girl or that enchanted prince. Give fun and romance with balloons.

5. Bear teddy with roses

A gift romantic and original for Valentine’s Day it is the teddy bear made of synthetic pink roses with a red bow. The gift measures 26 inches tall by 22 inches wide.

The plush of roses is manufactured by the brand The Rose Bear that sends the bear in a synthetic box that will surely be discovered by that special being and will surprise you. Teddy and flowers in one gift.