The perfumes They are the perfect complement to any outfit, and they will make you look attractive and stand out among all the people around you. The recognized brand El Secreto de Victoria It has a high range of fragrances exclusive to women’s skin, which make you stand out on any occasion and leave your personal brand wherever you go. They are light and refreshing splash, Ideal to use when leaving the shower and thus have a seductive and captivating aroma that will accompany you for the rest of the day.

1. Pure Seduction with red plums and chamomile

A perfume with a formula so that it lasts much longer on your skin than other similar fragrances. Its characteristic sweet essence is extracted from organic ingredients such as red plums, strawberry and chamomile.

It is a fragrance that will leave your skin softer and with a particular floral aroma. You can use it at any time of the year and it will complement your clothing.

2. Love spell of tropical essences

This fragrance has been created with tropical aromas like peach, cherry blossom and red apple to give you a sweet scent that pairs wonderfully with any casual outfit.

You can use it on different occasions either during the day or at night. It is ideal to leave a sweet aroma wherever you pass and bewitch to all the world.

3. Amber Romance cherry and sugar based

This splash body has been made with oriental notes of the highest quality natural ingredients such as cherry, vanilla, sandalwood, chamomile, aloe vera, amber, sugar and milk.

Its formula will not irritate your skin, making it perfect to apply just after showering. With its aroma you will look perfect and fashionable.

4. Bamboo Coast with summer fragrance

Bamboo Coast is a fragrance that has exquisite aromas of tropical fruits and water lilies. It is a feminine and penetrating scent designed especially for those women summer lovers.

A compact and comfortable perfume that you can take with you no matter where, with whom or what you are doing. Victoria’s Secret exclusive fragrance will add a lot to your personality and it is also ideal for use after the shower.

5. Velvet Petal with caramelized almonds

This fragrance comes in a small presentation that fits comfortably in your handbag. It mainly contains aromas of floral notes and caramelized almonds. Its formula will not irritate your skin and will last for a long time.

Its patented formula allows you to use it during day or night. Leaves an aroma between citrus and sweet on your skin, ideal for a more delicate and feminine appearance.