A breakfast that comforts and excites every

The best way to wake up and start the day on the right foot is to prepare a delicious breakfast packed with nutrients. A good option is waffles since they are easy to make and only need few ingredients. They also allow us to let our imagination run wild and accompany it with different toppings, fruits and hot drinks. The best way to make them is with a waffle maker, and this time we show you the 4 best waffle makers that will completely transform breakfast time.

1. Waffle-shaped base animals

A peculiar kitchen utensil characterized by its non-stick grills in the shape of animals. Allows you to do up seven waffles simultaneously and enjoy them in just minutes.

It is perfect to taste a delicious and different breakfast. If you want to surprise your loved ones in the morning this can be a great option.

2. Square design and easy to clean

This is a waffle maker traditional It has four non-stick grills, a temperature control and an LED light that indicates when the cooking process of your waffles has finished.

If your family is large and you want save time In the kitchen, with this machine you can prepare a delicious breakfast in just a matter of minutes. Its design allows you to easily clean it with a damp tissue.

3. Wafflera modern and elegant

The Cuisinart WMR-CA waffle maker has a simple but elegant design with an intense silver color. It is Very safe to use and has a red and green thermostat that allows you to control how crispy or fluffy you want your waffles.

Its non-stick surface will prevent you from using excess oil or butter when cooking waffles. The company Cuisinart provides a guarantee for 3 years so you can get the most out of this fabulous device.

4. Utensil stainless steel with turning system

This is one revolutionary machine that has more than 9 settings and a rotating function that allows you to cook your waffles in a more uniform way. It can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Its titanium covered grids also allow you to make other preparations such as cookies or pizzas. If you do not have much time in the morning to prepare breakfast with this waffle maker, you can solve this problem.

5. Device vertical for waffles

An innovative utensil characterized by its particular design that does not require a lot of space in the kitchen. It is equipped with a non-stick griddle and a pump on the top that allows you to add the waffle mix without having to come into contact with the hot griddle.

It also has a timer which allows you to control the internal temperature of the device, in addition its vertical design allows a more homogeneous distribution of the mixture so you can enjoy perfect waffles all the time.