Control your training times with the best of technology.

Keep track of calories or exercise routines that we do in our daily routines are sometimes tedious and make it difficult for us to have detailed information about what we do. Therefore, it is essential to have a digital tool that makes work easier and adapts to each physical activity. That is why this time we show you the best five waterproof fitness watches for your swimming practices.

1. Smart watch with heart rate control

This watch model is waterproof, And it has a color screen that offers comfortable viewing, plus it has an activity tracker with 14 sport modes and a heart rate monitor.

With this watch you can have a count of your daily steps, the distance you travel, the calories burned and the time exposed to physical activities.

2. Fitbit: Fitness XL watch

This watch with wide digital display offers you various functions to complement your physical activities. Can be connected to computers and more than 200 devices iOS, Android and leading Windows.

It offers you a automatic tracking heart rate through wrist pulsations and is splash proof.

3. Smart watch Fitbit Versa

This model includes all the functions of the brand in its Lite version. It has been designed with a slim, aluminum body anodized which makes it light. It works excellent in temperatures between -10 and 60 degrees centigrade.

Stores and plays more than 300 songs and offers more than 15 exercise modes among which stand out running and swimming. You can keep track of your workouts in real time.

4. Smart watch with long battery life

It comes in a wide range of colors, weighs 1.1 ounces and it has a bright screen. Its battery is long lasting.

You can enjoy multiple functions in addition to monitoring your physical activity, receiving notifications of emails, text messages and phone calls.

5. Fitbit Alta with sleep cycle control

Slim design combines with wide screen that records and projects the information of all the physical activities you do.

Monitor sleep hours and the time you are exposed to light. It gives you access to statistics, time and smartphone notifications.