Nowadays it is very common to have a video call or teleconference remotely that you must attend from your computer, especially when you work from home or are out of town; and for those moments it is essential to have a good webcam that facilitates us to be well connected and with a clear and sharp image. Not always our computers or laptops have cameras that meet this requirement, and that is why here we show you the best webcams with HD resolution available to you:

Growfast: webcam with wide viewing angle

Webcam 1080P / 1536P Full HD with video call, wide screen recording, microphone and Stream Cam for PC, laptop and desktop computers.

This webcam offers you 7-element optical glass lens It provides sharp image, facial enhancement technology, superior stereo audio, 100-degree wide viewing angle and no optical distortion, making it ideal for seminars and video conferencing.

Unzano: webcam with background replacement function

This webcam features 1080P HD Video Auto Focus, HDR sensor and facial enhancement technology that optimizes the image and beautifies its appearance.

He offers you background replacement function that allows you to integrate the live image and any background scene while transmitting, greater clarity of video calls and dual microphones with automatic noise reduction.

3. Logitech: webcam with light correction

The camera has a 1080P Full HD video quality with which it offers sharp engravings vibrant colors and stereo audio with dual microphones.

With it you will have high definition autofocus, light correction, privacy blind and compatibility of Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime platforms for Mac.

4. Logitech: webcam with tripod base

With a 1080p qualityThe webcam features foldable portability, superior autofocus for sharp images, and a tripod-ready base.

It offers you a 360 ° rotatable function; 720p fluid HD video chat on Skype, Google Hangouts; flexibility, performance and fluidity that embedded webcams can’t match.

5. Logitech: 4K recording webcam

The camera features high video quality thanks to a premium glass lens, a 4K image sensor, a high dynamic range (HDR) and an autofocus that provides beautiful and real video. Supports multiple connection types.

With it you will have streaming, 4K recording, optical and infrared sensors, and fast and safe facial recognition for Windows Hello.