A product that every good wine lover will want to have.

If you consider yourself a wine lover and you enjoy tasting them in the comfort of your home, you must have a special cava for them. However, not all of us have the space or resources to install a warehouse in our home. That is why the cellars or compact refrigerators are the best option to protect your personal collection of wines at home and keep them fresh and in perfect condition. Take a look at these models and choose your favorite:

1. NutriChef: thermoelectric wine cellar

Cava or wine cooler with capacity for 8 bottles. Equipped with a cooling technology thermoelectric High precision, adjustable temperature control, integrated LED lights and built-in circulation fan.

It has an elegant appearance and a door of glass reinforced with hermetic seal. Likewise, its touch screen control allows you to keep everything under user control.

2. NutriChef: thermoelectric cava for 12 bottles

Cava with thermoelectric function and capacity for 12 bottles of wine. Made with steel stainless, it has a resistant glass door. It has a useful touch screen control, as well as LED lights and temperature adjustment.

Equipped with a refrigeration advanced that will keep your drinks at the right temperature without making noise. Its dimensions are 19.7 x 9.9 x 24.8 inches.

3. Freestanding Wine Cellars: wine cooler for 8 bottles

Thermoelectric cooler with capacity for 8 bottles of wine. Includes 3 steel shelves stainless removable and a digital temperature display with built-in LED lights.

Likewise, it presents a silent operation and a cooling system advanced. Easy to install and adjust the temperature according to the case of each wine harvest.

4. Ivation: stainless steel wine cellar

Technological model of wine cellar with function thermoelectric. Made of stainless steel. It features a glass door, digital temperature control or touch screen, and quiet operation.

This wine cellar has doors of thermopane warm smoked to ensure an odor-free indoor environment that maintains constant humidity.

5. Ivation: wine cellar with capacity for 8 bottles

Cava or cooler of all kinds of wine with capacity for 8 bottles of different sizes. It has an advanced cooling system and temperature control through a technological touch screen.

At the same time, it has a resistant door glass smoked, which allows the bottles to be isolated and kept safe.