Although dogs They are able to regulate their own temperature, they also get cold or hot just like we do. Those most likely to suffer from weather conditions They are puppies, those of advanced age and those with short fur. So it is a good idea to cover them with canine coats designed with soft and resistant fabrics that keep them warm. In the market there is a wide variety of models, but this time we present 5 different options, perfect for your best friend.

1. Jacket reversible raincoat

It is a reversible jacket, made with a waterproof material on the one hand and on the other is covered with a warm layer of polyester. It comes in four colors and seven sizes different; this makes it easier to get models for large, medium and small breeds.

It is an insulating model with an elegant design that offers your dog warmth and much freedom of movement; This is due to its adjustment that adapts comfortably to the belly and neck area by means of Velcro closures.

2. Coat with fleece

This coat is designed with a soft fleece lining and features a plaid fabric design on the outside. Includes a detachable hat and a snap closure that does not get stuck in the animal’s hair; This allows you to put it on and take it off easily.

Have a velcro pocket for you to keep small snacks and toys while you take a walk. In addition, it has a ribbed cuff design at the bottom, which prevents the wind from lifting the coat.

3. Coat with filler polyester

A polyester fiber-filled coat that has a waterproof and strong wind resistant outer shell. Includes a Velcro so you can put it on and take it off easily.

With this piece your furry friend will feel comfortable and warm in the most extreme climates. The piece is designed to protect it from rain, snow and wind. You can get it at diferents sizes and choose the one that best suits the breed and size of the dog.

4. Jacket insulated hoodie

This hooded jacket comes with a soft interior fabric that provides warmth, while the exterior is made of waterproof material. You can get it in different sizes and it is designed for dogs between 2 to 15 pounds.

It is a model that is made with Insulating materials that keeps your pet warm and protected from strong winds, rain and snow. In addition, the garment conforms to the animal’s body without compromising its mobility.

5. Jersey with knitting

It is a jersey made with acrylic knitted with double stitches to add texture. The garment includes a cut-out hem that keeps your pet warm and allows plenty of mobility. It can machine wash.

With this coat that adjusts to the chest and back, it is no longer a problem to protect your dog from low temperatures. Also comes with a elegant design which is available in blue, red and pink.