When the winter, it is extremely necessary that we make some changes within our rhythm of life to face the days to come. Fortunately not everything turns out to be bad, in fact there are good things that change of station such as holidays or activities such as ice skating, skiing and warm moments by the fireplace. Next, we are going to recommend 5 insulation caps cold so you can enjoy winter to the fullest.

1. Surblue: Unisex Cold Insulation Cap

Surblue’s cold insulation hat is made of material soft fleece, moisture absorbent and static repellent. The model measures between 22.83 inches and 24 inches. It is available in black, pink and blue.

Surblue brings you a winter hat from unisex design, with absorbent properties that prevent sweat on your face. Excellent accessory for you to use on outdoor walks.

2. Home Prefer: cold insulation cap

The Home Prefer cold insulation hat is made with 100% acrylic yarn and it has a design that allows it to fit heads with measurements between 56cm to 60cm. Available in other colors.

Home Prefer launches a piece of double layer with ear muffs. We are talking about a thick hat that keeps you warm in winter, while being a soft and comfortable garment to wear.

3. FancetAccessory: Unisex Cold Insulation Cap

This hat has been made with a lining of 100% cotton and synthetic leather earmuffs, materials of great durability and comfort. It is recommended to hand wash in cold water and air dry. Available in gray and brown.

This unisex design model and adjustable size, protects you from the sun and snow. In addition, it is ideal for winter outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, hiking, or snowboarding.

4. SIGGI: fleece hat

The SIGGI cold insulation cap is made with a ratio of 68% cotton and 32% polyester; Its inner lining is 100% polyester with a synthetic leather covering. Available in medium or large sizes and in a wide range of colors.

The SIGGI model is a versatile piece It protects you completely from the cold, allowing you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities during the winter. A waterproof and windproof garment.

5. Home Prefer: hat with reindeer antlers

The Home Prefer cold insulation hat is made of 100% cotton and covered by a thick fleece lining, these materials give you the best combination of softness, warmth and comfort. The garment measures 23 cm wide x 21 cm high.

Home Prefer presents an ideal garment for adults and children. It is a high-quality insulation cap with elastic, flexible properties and a very fashionable design.