A practical and effective tool to illuminate your environment.

The electricity it is a fundamental service for human life and when it fails, things can become very complicated; even more so if you go during the night when the sunlight is g So having the illumination Adequate in those moments is vital; and this time we recommend the best head lanterns With adjustable headbands so you can illuminate your environment without occupying your hands and being able to respond appropriately in any emergency situation:

1. Super bright flashlight with rechargeable batteries

This flashlight comes armed with a Super team for those days without light. Comes with headlight, two rechargeable batteries, wall and car charger, USB cable, and user book. The lifespan is up to 100 hours in high light.

With this flashlight you can adapt to many situations since it is used as a headlight or waist or desk lamp. Have a adjustable zoom making it really practical for lighting indoors or outdoors.

2. Rechargeable headlamp raincoat

This flashlight comes with various accessories like USB Cable to recharge the battery, wall charger, with red and green light indicator. Headlamp head rotates up to 180 degrees and comes with sliding band.

It has a motion sensor and also regulates light intensity. With it you can light large spaces with a soft shine that makes your eyes feel comfortable without irritating them.

3. Waterproof led flashlight with headband

This flashlight has the possibility to change the modes of light to white or red, without having to go through the five cycles it has. The beam angle can be adjusted up to 45 degrees and illuminates large spaces. It comes with a super comfortable head strap because it is elastic and fits.

This tool is ideal for when you have no light. It is resistant to shock and wear, so you will be taking with you an excellent ally for moments of emergency.

4. Waterproof flashlight with chargers and batteries

This flashlight is waterproof, so you can use it on humid climates. Its headlight tilts about 90 degrees and allows you to focus the light on the point you want. It has three light modes with the brightness you require. It is splash protected, its headband in the center is ultra secure and easy to adjust. Comes with rechargeable batteries, wall and car charger.

The Genwis lighthouse will allow you to see a I walk long distances, with a bright light and comfortable to the sight of adults and children, being stable and comfortable.

5. Waterproof headlamp with adjustable headband

This headlight comes with a whopping 230 lumens, is designed to work with five modes of work. It has an IPX5 rating that makes it waterproof in scenarios with rain, snow or dust. Its head is tiltable to adjust the angle and point where we want to see.

It is easy and comfortable to use in outdoor places like when you are going to camp or long walks with your loved ones, which will give you a great vision of your panorama.