The inflatable mattresses They are the best alternative to sleep away from home and get the same deep sleep as with traditional models, since they offer a solid structure and a more pleasant quality in what break it means. So that you know the best, we present the characteristics of five of them, so that you get the one that best suits your needs, both for space and resistance; and you can take it with you wherever you go.

1. Etekcity: Inflatable mattress with automatic pump

It is an 80 by 60-inch inflatable mattress that is built with an internal support of waves-shaped beams, which guarantee greater stability and allow a support up to 650 pounds. Includes storage bag and rechargeable pump with three nozzles and adapters.

It is a model that starts with the advantage of its inner and outer valve to inflate and deflate in just 90 seconds. But also provides an extra layer of softness and comfort, thanks to its waterproof cover.

2. AirExpect: Inflatable mattress with raised edges

This queen size inflatable mattress has a height of 19 inches. It is designed with 40 internal air coils that provides them greater durability and firmness. Likewise, it has a built-in electric pump with dial control to inflate and deflate in approximately 5 minutes.

Other advantages are that it comes with welded seams and a double layer of waterproof and puncture resistant material. In addition, the entire surface has raised edges to prevent children from falling on the floor.

3. King Koil: Mattress with pillow

This air mattress with a built-in pump is made with ecological PVC material and a waterproof layer. Its queen design features an inflatable pillow and an internal and external valve to inflate and deflate in 4 minutes. Comes with a carry bag.

It is structured with a extra support for the column which guarantees a good sleeping posture and eliminates the fatigue of the day. You can also use it outdoors without a problem, as its 15 gauge material can resist punctures and defy the elements.

4. Intex: 2-in-1 valve mattress

Mattress with 2-in-1 valves with extra wide opening to inflate and deflate quickly. It is handmade with thick vinyl and a waterproof surface, materials that make it a resistant model and with 600 pound capacity. Includes two inflatable pillows and a hand pump.

It comes in a standard size that goes well with fitted sheets without slipping; but it also has a luxurious flock in the upper area that allows the surface to be more soft and comfortable to sleep.

5. Kasonic: Seamless inflatable mattress

This 22-inch height inflatable queen mattress has a seamless multi-layer surface that ensures a more solid support with a capacity of 500 pounds. Similarly, a 120 VAC electric pump to inflate and deflate between 2 to 5 minutes.

It also includes an additional cotton sheet that is stain resistant and breathable and hypoallergenic. Without a doubt, it is an easy model to configure at home or to use outdoors while you travel or go camping, since Provides a better sleeping and resting experience.