The Clarks brand offers several styles of shoes that are very comfortable for going to work.

Working in very tight, tall, or uncomfortable shoes is torture, which you should avoid at all costs. Because of this, in this article I show you the most comfortable shoes that you can use to go to work.

To keep you comfortable all day, you should look for shoes that have a flexible or “memory foam” insole. In addition, they must have a flexible and not very heavy sole for good cushioning. Similarly, the shoes must be breathable so that they do not have a bad smell and must be non-slip to avoid slips or accidents. Some shoes that you can consider to work comfortably are:

1. Clark Heel Adriel Viola

You don’t need to buy shoes without heels to work comfortably all day, since you can buy heels with orthopedic insoles such as Clarks Adriel Viola. These shoes are leather, have a rubber sole, and the heel measures three inches. These shoes are very comfortable, because the heel is not very high and inside they have a cushion and an orthopedic insole. You can buy Clarks heels in black or pink and the price can range from $ 42.81 to $ 94.88.

2. Cinak heel

The high heels Cinak They are ideal to go to work, since they have some pads inside and their sole is light. With these shoes you will look professional and you will feel comfortable all day, since the heel of these shoes is not very high, it measures approximately 1.57 inches. You can buy Cinak heels for $ 26.99 and they come in different colors like: black, brown, white and gray.

3. Clarks

The shoes Clarks Ashland Bubble They are made of leather and have a synthetic sole so that they do not slip. These shoes are very comfortable to go to work, because the insole they have is orthopedic, thus adapting to the shape of the foot so that they are more cushioned. The shoes have a low heel that measures approximately 1.5 inches. Clarks shoes are of very good quality and if you take care of them correctly they can last you years in perfect condition. The Clarks Ashland Bubble have a cost of $ 57.27 and you can buy them in different colors like black, brown, wine, etc.

4. Skechers Performance

If you work standing up all day or have to walk a lot during your workday, shoes Skechers They could be the ideal for you. These shoes are very light, as they have a rubber sole. The design of these shoes makes it extremely comfortable, because they have stabilizer panels on the heel and on the upper part they have a soft mesh that adjusts to the shape of your foot so as not to cause discomfort when walking. To control odor, the shoes have an antibacterial bamboo lining that neutralizes bad odor. You have 12 styles and colors to choose from. Skechers Performance prices can range from $ 39.22 to $ 84.00, depending on the color and style you choose

5. Dream Paris

If you want to buy more casual and simple shoes, to go to work comfortably, you can take into account the Dream Paris. These shoes have a flexible and lightweight rubber sole. In addition, they have a small heel that measures approximately an inch and the insole is made of latex, thus providing greater comfort. You can buy Dream Paris shoes in black, brown, red, blue, etc. Depending on the size and color you choose, the price can vary between $ 19.99 to $ 29.99.