The girdles They are compression garments that have been specially designed to shape and define certain areas of our body. Some become so comfortable that they can be worn daily under our usual clothing and go completely unnoticed. We can find different types of girdles for adjustments in specific areas, but this time we will show you the more comfortable designs and that they offer you the best results.

1. Training bodysuit double adjustment


It is designed with a double layer thin compression. The part of the abdomen is thinner and in the waist it has 2 layers to give greater support to the middle of the body and especially to the belly.

his breathable fabric It is kind to your skin and thanks to its hook closure system you can adapt it to your measurements according to the desired compression. It is ideal to use it every day under your favorite clothes.

2. Pants short elastics


These high waist shorts feature a lightweight design. They are made with a material comfortable and light, special to flatten the midsection and thighs for a slim appearance.

You can use it under your dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings or any item in your wardrobe. Its compression cut design Withouth stitches makes them comfortable and versatile under any outfit.

3. Belt Of compression


This belt has been designed with copper ions, flexible and durable fabrics on the fabric. It is designed to reduce stretch marks, improve skin elasticity, reduce swelling and accelerate muscle recovery.

It is a versatile garment that, in addition to providing benefits, has been designed to sharpen your waist and flatten the Middle area. It is so comfortable that in addition to using it for training it works very well under any garment in your wardrobe.

4. Body shaper with zip closure


It is a garment specially designed to compress the torso, abdomen, cut centimeters from the abdomen and lift your butt. It is an excellent option to model the entire figure.

Comes with a Zip closure flat that is not noticeable under your clothes, combined with internal hooks to facilitate its shaping action. It is the perfect option to shape your figure daily.

5. Shaping suit with compressor fabric


It is a girdle developed from a seamless technology, with a completely lightweight material invisible under the clothes. Comfortably control and compress your entire torso and thighs.

With its open bust design, you can wear it with the bra of your choice. Its straps are adjustable and removable to adapt them to the type of clothing that you want to carry every day.