A fundamental tool for personal care of the knights is undoubtedly the razor. Currently there are infinite options and with different characteristics; however, this time we will especially show you razors multifunction, so that in addition to taking care of your hair, you can fix your beard and get rid of body hair.

1. Philips Norelco 3000 Series

It’s a handy thirteen-piece all-in-one razor, very sturdy and features razor blades. tempered steel that sharpen themselves and best of all, never rust.

It has a reinforced design that does not allow it to bend at any time and always have uniform and precise cuts. It is ideal to maintain your haircut and the style of your beard.

2. Wahl: Multi-purpose shaver


It provides you with a smooth cut every time you use it. Its precision ground blades stay sharp for much longer. Additionally, it has a unique self-sharpening technology.

You get professional results in the comfort of your home and always enjoy a reliable cut. Its rinseable head allows you to clean unwanted hair and always take care of your machine.

3. Kit Automatic Shaver


Your tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust, they are reinforced to prevent them from bending while you shave and all its accessories are washable.

It is designed for a cleaner trimming experience. Provides you with the maximum versatility for the exact style you want. It gives you a perfectly even cut so you feel safe every day.

4. Kit Male Personal Grooming


Get the style you want with these surgical steel self-sharpening that stays sharp and durable. Its textured grip fits snugly in your hand for maximum control.

Take control of your style with the toilet of high performance, allows you to get 14 length and style settings. This kit helps you look stylish, at home or on the go.

5. Machine Rechargeable Shave


It’s a trimmer wireless and rechargeableIt has an ergonomic contour design and soft-touch elements for easy grip. You can use it even when it’s plugged in while charging.

your ideal companion to be always presentable and elegant, it allows you to be in control and get professional results in the comfort of your home or when you are traveling.