If you are about to take a long plane trip, this is for you.

Travel in plane, whether for pleasure or work, sometimes they generate tiredness and discomfort. Spending many hours sitting in the same position and with little space to stretch can cause pain and stress. The truth is that at the time of traveling, sometimes we have no choice but to spend long hours in an airplane cabin. But do not worry, since this time we recommend the best products for you to have a quiet and pleasant journey in the heights.

1. Cervical pillow Travel


Eliminates head forward fall to keep airway open for unrestricted breathing. Side raised supports prevent head movement sideways.

The exclusive and thin pillow back preserves alignment of the upper part of your spine to avoid neck tension, while the adjustable closure adapts to the size of it.

2. Plugs for the ears


Made with super comfortable low pressure, slow release foam. It has a noise reduction index of 32 decibels. These versatile plugs and that block noise They are ideal for sleeping.

They are ideal for protect your hearing and allow you to rest noise-free during flights. It is an excellent option when you must make very long flights.

3. Mascara for sleeping

It is a smooth silk mask Odor-free and adjustable size sleeping strap designed with an elastic strap to adjust strap sliders in size. It does not put pressure on your eyes.

Super soft, lightweight and breathableThis mask improves your sleep and makes you and your eyes relax.

4. Homeopathic remedy for the Jet Lag


Formulated with natural ingredients, Helps alleviate jet lag symptoms that affect body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and physiological patterns.

They allow you to get off the plane without the light-headed feelingYou only need to chew one tablet each time the plane takes off and lands to counter the effects of pressure changes.

5. Footrest Memory Foam


It is designed with memory foam thick high quality to greatly enhance your travel experience. It is like sitting in a recliner with your feet propped up on pillows.

Simply place it on the arms of the tray table and place your feet on the footrest. The adjustable straps allow the perfect length to provide the necessary support.