To welcome a new friend home, you must be prepared.

When we adopt a dog The first thing we have to consider is the time we have to dedicate to it and thus not make you feel alone, since it can be stressed or sad. The idea is to share spaces with these beautiful beings, and receive them at home We must bear in mind that we need some allies to incorporate into the routine of our puppies. That is why this time we show you the 5 products you need to be able to give your new pet the best of welcomes.

1. Training pads for puppies

These pads have been designed with a 1.5 inch plastic edge on all sides that prevents overflow. Absorbs gel liquid and is leak-proof coated. The surface dries quickly.

The pad is for dogs training small to go to the bathroom, and its medium size that will give comfort to your puppies.

2. Padded bed donut shaped

This bed has been designed as a special circular design for puppies. Dogs can curl up in this donut because it is cozy, flexible and finished with synthetic fur. It has deep cracks that allow your pet to dig and then have a restful sleep.

It comes in various natural colors. It will be an adorable option for your pets that can be up to 150 pounds.

3. Chewy toy for dogs

This toy is ideal for large dogs. It has been designed with nylon material durable that resists the chews of your dogs. It comes in plastic wrap and has a circular shape of flexible and resistant material.

It is ideal to satisfy the natural urge to chew of your dogs and it tastes delicious. It helps with weight control and keeps you busy and stimulates your senses.

4. Stainless steel bowl for food

This set of food dishes from stainless steel It is ideal for puppies of small cats dogs. They have a capacity of up to 38 ounces each and can be used for dry kibble, wet food, treats, or water.

They have one rubber base that protects floors and keeps bowls from slipping while your pet eats and hydrates.

5. Necklace and strap set prints

This necklace is adjustable and It measures 57 centimeters for a perfect fit. It has a stainless steel ring for attaching the tag and strap, plus a secure side release plastic buckle.

With this necklace you can give it a very cute look and fun for your pets, which will look charming and easy to find.