The wallet It is an accessory that complements your outfit to transmit elegance, style and personality. They are essential pieces that we must have in our closet, since apart from storing our belongings, they serve to complete our outfits. That is why this time we will show you 5 types of wallets that you can combine with everything and thus make the most of them.

1. Tote-style wallet to carry your laptop

It is a portfolio made of high quality nylon and a padded interior to protect your things from bumps. It has pockets to keep everything in order and a synthetic leather handle for a better grip.

The interior of this wallet is quite spacious so you can carry your laptop without worry. When using it you will look sophisticated and you can use it for long trips, the university or work.

2. Mini wallet Leather

The luxury wallet brand Fossil Kinley brings you a bag made of the most luxurious leather high quality. A versatile and roomy accessory for storing different things, it features adjustable straps and zippered exterior pockets.

Its design that will give a new touch to your look and you can take it to different places. It is a basic that you should always have in your closet because it will take you out of any rush and whenever you use it you will be comfortable and elegant.

3. Synthetic leather For special occasions

Casual style wallet with large storage. Made with oil waxed faux fur and a plated padlock closure durable gold. It has the ideal dimensions to store all your belongings.

Its size is ideal to store what you want and always carry it with you. Also its crocodile skin style design will give a twist to your outfits and it will make you look more elegant.

4. Modern bag with flower design

It is ideal to take to party or special events, available in 6 designs different. It has an extra long chain to allow you better mobility and you can carry it in different ways.

his hidden pocket With zipper inside it is ideal to store your phone, makeup or cards. Regardless of the season of the year you are in, you can use it to complement your outfits.

5. Minimalist style of great capacity

This wallet has a design classic It combines with everything and you can use it in different seasons of the year. It is made with high quality synthetic leather, it has pockets on the inside and outside.

It also has a velcro closure to remove your belongings comfortably and easily. his minimalist design It will be a good option to take her to work or university.