If you are about to undertake some travel business, pleasure or just a visit that you have been planning for a while, you do not have to leave all your electronic, since it is always good to take them with us to be able to use them whenever we need them. That is why here we show you the best options for backpacks with special compartments for electronic that you surely don’t want to miss:

1. Kopack: Waterproof Travel Backpack


Backpack laptop 15.6 ″. Made of waterproof material and strong durable nylon fabric. It has several compartments to store your personal items with greater comfort.

A recommended backpack model for you to take your computer Portable on any type of trip you are about to undertake. Your objects will be safe and cared for.

2. Matein: Backpack with USB output


Travel backpack made with resistant fabric, non-slip and padded straps that allow greater support and security in the grip. In turn, it has a USB port with built-in charger. Fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Backpack option to accommodate your electronic equipment with extreme comfort and security inside padded. This backpack features a slip resistant and waterproof design.

3. Mancro: Backpack with security padlock


Backpack model for long or short trips, made with material of resistant fiber to water and anti-theft. Its dimensions are 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches, with a special compartment to store laptops. It has a USB port and various internal pockets.

With this type of backpack you can feel safe anywhere, due to the material durable with which it is made, as well as you will have the option to store your objects in the multiple internal compartments that it has for you.

4. KROSER: Backpack with spacious interior


Spacious backpack design to carry your laptop up to 15.6 ″ -17.3 ″. It includes a USB port and built-in charger. It has multiple spacious pockets to accommodate your personal items.

A choice of spacious backpack to use on your long trips, outings, walks or visits. You can count on the security of a comfortable support on your back.

5. AmazonBasics: Multi-compartment backpack


Backpack model available in classic black color and orange details, which also has multiple compartments to locate your electronic equipment up to 17 inches. In turn, it has mesh pockets to place water bottles on the sides.

Backpack resistant fiber ideal for storing your personal items. This backpack can accompany you during your long or short trips.

6. Ronyes: Unisex backpack with vintage design


Travel backpack Designed to carry your laptop up to 15.6 ″ or other electronic equipment that you want to include in your destination route. Made with waterproof material and drop resistant cover. It has padded and adjustable straps, as well as a useful USB port.

Travel backpack with elegant style, light and attractive for all types of users. You can store your objects in their multiple internal compartments with utmost comfort.