Forget about car washes and save money at home.

We all like to drive a shiny car, but not all of us like to pay the price of carwash; much less when we want save money. That is why this time we show you the best options for you to clean your car At home, save money and your car looks like an agency every day.

BIRDROCK HOME: specialized cleaning kit

BIRDROCK HOME offers you a cleaning kit with rubber gripsSturdy mesh material and soft Chenille microfiber fiber. Each tool is specifically designed to clean the windshield, hood, doors, windows, rear windshield, or wheels.

With this kit you will have a faster cleaning and effective both for the exterior of your car and for its interior. Includes chenille and mesh car sponge, wheel brush, dip and wash tool, tire cleaning tool, brush and duster for interior detailing.

Auto Care King: 3-piece cleaning kit

Auto Care King cleaning kit includes a wash mitt microfiber For all surfaces, a long-handled rim brush and a rim cleaner for brake dust. It comes well packaged in a gift box for easy wrapping.

His long handled detail brush is perfect for cleaning tires regardless of style and size. In addition, its car brush adjusts through the spokes with ease, balancing strength and flexibility, so that it will be comfortable, easy and above all effective cleaning your car.

3. SUBANG: cleaning brush kit

SUBANG has a cleaning kit with 6 brushes of circle shape whose smooth surface offers you a comfortable grip. The automotive air conditioner cleaner can reach the tight space, and the wire brush can help you to clean the rust that moves with force and retains them.

These car cleaning brushes will be light, comfortable to take and store, they will also help you clean your car effectively.

GLOYY: super tough cleaning kit

The GLOYY cleaning kit is made of fine material so that your pieces are soft, strong and durable. The microfiber material will not leave link or fragment after cleaning. Designed to clean your windshield, hood, doors, windows, rear windshield, wheels, etc.

With the kit you will effectively remove dirt and grime thanks to its heavy duty bucket, mild soap and a soft sponge. Includes a wheel brush cleaner, a microfiber sponge, a little cleaner to clean the interior, a window brush, a microfiber cloth and a ventilation brush.

5. AutoEC: cleaning kit for car and motorcycle

AutoEC offers cleaning brushes whose bristles are of high qualityThey have high-quality steel wire flocking technology and bristle brushing with dense, regular, resistant and durable cleaning. For its part, its handle is made of soft PVC rubber, which is comfortable to hold.

Its ergonomically designed handle gives you a non-slip grip. In addition, it gives you a powerful cleaning effect. The combined use of the rotating brush and wheel brush help you easily clean up blind spots or hard-to-reach places.

6. ONEST: boar hair brush set

The ONEST cleaning kit includes 6 brushes natural boar hair Premium, 2 cleaners and a brush for automotive air conditioner.

With the kit you can clean skins, interior, exterior and leather. The length of the brushes will allow you to easily explore and reach the tightest nuts and spaces. On the other hand, its round shape and smooth non-slip surface offers you a comfortable grip.

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