When you have an invitation to a wedding, a very important celebration or a great party, it is the ideal occasion to use a beautiful dress; and an excellent choice to attend these formal events are the Cocktail Dresses. Currently there are all kinds of designs and styles for all tastes and bodies, and that is why here we show you some of the best options for dresses for plus size girls.

1. Design crossed V neck


This beautiful dress has been designed with a plunging neckline v neck, a crossed design in the central part and with long sleeves. Made with a high quality material that expands and adjusts perfectly to the silhouette.

In addition to providing comfort, with this versatile dress you highlight your curves, and you achieve an elegant and sexy look. It is an excellent option for to combine with nice heels and it is available to you for only $ 25.99.

2. Dressed in mesh neckline


This elegant dress features a beautiful central part with a mesh opening that gives it a very sexy and modern look. With round neck and short sleeves ending with a short skirt.

You can use it for weddings, birthday celebrations and any occasion where it is necessary to show your elegance, highlight your beauty and femininity. A practical and beautiful option that is at your fingertips for $ 32.99.

3. Dressed in bare shoulders


It is an elegant and sexy black dress, designed with an attractive bodice with bare shoulders. Its close-fitting cut highlights the curves and defines the silhouette, and the waist is completed with a ruffled mini skirt.

Its versatility, elegance and its original design make it the ideal choice for a formal outing and to make the most of your wedding, birthday party or any gala event. It can be yours for $ 25.99.

4. Classic style with sequins


This is a beautiful sleeveless dress with a V neckline and covered in sequins. Its flexible fabric adjusts comfortably to your silhouette, while protecting the skin from rubbing with this colorful decoration.

Its V neck is complemented by a deep neckline both on the front and on the back of the dress, making this design a sexy and special option to highlight your curves. Available for $ 37.99.

5. Evening dress with transparent sleeves


It is a sophisticated dress made with a stretch fabric that allows you to stick to the figure. Its long transparent sleeves are decorated with embroidered pearls that are complemented by an elastic cuff.

The knee length makes it a elegant choice and very formal for any celebration, regardless of the occasion or the type of party, this is the right dress with which you will dazzle; and only for $ 29.99.

6. Dressed in Belt and pockets


It is a beautiful short red dress with fit, designed to adapt and highlight the curves of your body. Its original cut leaves the bare shoulders and elbow-length sleeves add style.

The garment conforms to your figure with a delicate belt with bow that highlights your waist and stylizes your curves at the same time. It is the perfect choice that you can combine with your favorite heels and only for $ 25.99.