Protect your laptop and extend its life with these pads.

The useful life of your laptop it will lengthen much more if you prevent it from overheating, since the damage caused to its internal components can be irreparable. For that reason, we want to recommend 6 types of cooling pads with different models that will not only allow you to work on your laptop more comfortably, they will also keep it cool for avoid overheating.

Tree New Bee: cooling pad with four fans

This 17-inch cooling pad comes with four fans 120 mm at 1200 RPM and is compatible with equipment of any brand. It has an ergonomic support with height adjustment.

Among the advantages offered by this model are its two non-slip baffles, a noise-free and interference-free environment, green LED and fast cooling effect that prevents your laptop from overheating, making it perfect for long periods.

Havit: flat cooling pad with three fans

With three silent fans On its pad, this cooling pad is slim, portable, lightweight, and features a built-in dual USB hub that allows connection of more USB devices.

For your comfort, it doubles as an ergonomic stand with two height adjustments, And its high-quality multi-directional metal mesh gives your laptop a stable and wear-resistant carrying surface.

3. Cooler Master: cooling pad with two height settings

The cooling pad is ultra SlimIt measures 160 mm and is compatible with any equipment between 15 and 17 inches. Its 160mm high-performance fan can rotate approximately 1500 RPM.

Resistance, two height settings and cable slots that allow easy management, are the best benefits of this fan.

TeckNet: cooling pad with additional USB port

Ultra-slim, portable and quiet, the cooling pad has 2 10mm USB powered fans that do not require connection to the mains. Fits 12-16 inches.

It is quiet, ergonomic and gives you a additional USB port. With its use, you avoid overheating while you are in long periods of game or online.

5. OPOLAR: cooling pad with screen

The cooling pad with temperature display features a wind speed 2600-5000 rpm, being perfect to use on your laptop while you play or work.

Gives you silent running, 13 speeds to manage air flow, air vents on both sides and automatic and manual work modes.

6. Nobebird: Pad 5 silent fans

For 12-17 inch laptop, the cooling pad with LED light It features dual USB ports and adjustable mounting bracket height angle.

With its use, you will have a noise-free environment and without interference. Thanks to its ergonomic design you will have height adjustments of up to 7 levels.

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