With these dress pants you can look formal and elegant.

A piece of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe are good dress pants. By having elegant pants you can easily combine them with a delicate shirt to attend events and parties without any problem.

If you are a plus size, you should not worry, since in Amazon You can get good quality pants that highlight your curves and at a good price.

1. Grace Karin

These pants Grace Karin They are very elegant and fashion, you can get them up to XXL. The pants have pockets and are high-waisted, something that can help you if you want to visually reduce the size of your waist. Similarly, in the waist area these pants have an adjustable drawstring, which give it a feminine touch. The pants have a cost of $ 25.99 and they are 95% polyester and 5% spandex. You can get the pants in different colors.

2. Chicwe

The pants Chicwe they fit the body, since they are Skinny. These pants are made of polyester and elastane. The cut of the pants is the waist and reach to the ankle. These pants can be used to go to work or to attend activities. The pants have a cost of $ 22.99 and you can only buy it in black color.

3. J2 Love

The pants J2 Love You can combine them with countless shirts and it is quite inexpensive, since its price begins in the $ 11.88. The pants are high-waisted and tight. At the waist it has an elastic band and it has a flared silhouette, ideal to use it with high heels. The pants are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

4. Lark & ​​Ro

The pants Lark & ​​Ro Of the brand Amazon They are of very good quality and you can buy them up to 32 Plus Size. The pants come in different colors like cream, black and gray. The pants are low cut in the waist area. You can get it from $ 24.55.

5. Geckatte

If you want a more casual style, the pants Geckatte They may be your best option. These pants are Palazzo style and go very well with heels. The pants Geckatte They come in different colors like red, blue, green, black, etc. In the waist area the pants have a side zipper and a drawstring belt. The pants have a price $ 31.98 to $ 38.98.

6. HyBrid & Company

The pants HyBrid & Company They have a semi elegant style, since the fabric with which they are made is very similar to that of jeans. The pants are tight and high-waisted. The HyBrid & Company pants have a price that starts at $ 19.99 and it comes in gray, white, blue, etc.