The skin It is the most visible part of our body, that is why when it is dry or affected it is visible to the naked eye and makes us uncomfortable. One way to reverse these effects is by using scrubs. These products help remove impurities and revitalize every cell. Here we leave you the 6 best you can get in Amazon.

1. Coffee scrub First Botany

Exfoliant made from organic coffee, coconut oil, shea oil and sea salt.

Massage your body with this exfoliant which will help you firm the skin, prevent cellulite, swelling and improve circulation. It is suitable for use on the body and face.

2. Body scrub cream Clinique

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula, 3.4 Ounce

Creamy texture scrub suitable for all skin types. It is made from water and has silica particles.

Moisturizes, moisturizes and cleanses the pores of the skin to avoid pimples and eczema. It can be applied daily.

3. Scrub brown sugar

Therapeutic exfoliating gel made from brown sugar and other natural ingredients. It comes in a presentation of 283 grams.

Moisturizes the skin while helping to eliminate traces of acne, cellulite, dryness and dead cells. Ideal to be applied while massaging the area. Suitable for face and body.

4. Scrub anti-aging

Exfoliant made with the pomegranate fruit, sodium chloride and grape, apricot, sweet almond and sunflower oils.

Nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin in order to delay aging, decrease varicose veins, stretch marks, help the circulatory system and fight ailments. Its natural ingredients leave a pleasant aroma.

5. Scrub of Dead Sea salts

Scrub natural and organic Made from pure Dead Sea salts, lavender, bergamot, jojoba, almond, argan and aloe vera oils.

Softens, moisturizes and hydrates your skin with the mixture of natural ingredients of this product. Ideal for opening pores, preventing blackheads and buried hairs.

6. Scrub sugar and shea

Exfoliant made with shea butter, brown sugar, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

Ideal for dry skin, this product cleans, hydrates and favors cell regeneration, perfect to be applied in areas such as heels, elbows, hands and feet in order to eliminate roughness.