The pregnancy it is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of women. It is the moment where a small life grows within our being and in addition to this miracle, also our Body suffers a series of changesboth at the level hormonal how physical. In this sense, being comfortable It is one of the greatest needs during this period, and thinking about this here we show you some of the top girdles available specially designed for pregnant women and with a excellent price.

1. Ultra elastic girdle of pregnancy


Is a great way to feel and look better throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Designed to help alleviate upper and lower back pain.

Tea provides a smooth lift, to support your belly during its growth. It also helps your fuses not to rub or get irritated.

2. Molding machine Maternity


Made with a light, ultra soft and hypoallergenic material. It has no seams and its mesh is breathable. It is flexible enough to grow as the pregnancy progresses.

Its full coverage has a soft band that adapts to your waist. Tea Provides soft support, a comfortable and relaxing fit. It also gives you support and comfort throughout the motherhood stage, and it only costs $ 18.99.

3. Shaping Clothes Maternity


This compression garment has a smooth and seamless design, which Does not show pant lines for dresses, skirts or other pieces. It is suitable and safe for all stages of pregnancy.

Thanks to its high waist and mid thigh design, it prevents your thighs from being irritated by rubbing. Relieves your stress and gives you more confidence to show off a beautiful figure during pregnancy.

4. Figure Shaper for Maternity


It has been designed without seams, with a breathable mesh that provides soft support and a comfortable and relaxing fit. It is perfect to wear under dresses to avoid irritation on the thighs.

It adjusts smoothly, while giving you gentle compression on your waist, hips, and thighs. Support your belly as its size increases.

5. Anatomical girdle Maternity


This compression garment is designed from shorts, special to offer comfort to mothers during the pregnancy period and provide support to the lower back.

Ideal for comfortable and flattering control, cotton reinforced so you don’t necessarily have to wear panties under the belt. Very comfortable and flattering.

6. Molding Garment for pregnant women


This body shaper panty has a band of soft waist and panel weave It relieves pressure and provides comfort, while supporting the belly and back.

You can wear it as a support underwear every day, as it remains invisible under clothing. This designed to smooth your hips, thighs, bottom and belly.