A garment that will make you look an enviable figure in seconds.

The girdles not only do they contribute to burning faster and better the excess fat of our body, they also mold specific areas of our body and buttocks they are one of them; so with its use you will have them firm and toned. Remember that with the help of a balanced diet and an exercise routine you can further enhance their effects, so do not forget to include them and take a look at these 6 models:

1. M&D: multi-use short type girdle

The girdle has been made in 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane. Available in nude and black, they are designed with breathable shorts that shape your figure while keeping you cool.

With her you get three benefits: straighten your lower abs, lift your hips and lift your butt. It will hide perfectly under your clothes, so you can give it a daily use.

2. Salome: Slimming & Lifting High Waist Girdle

Made in Powernet And with a hypoallergenic cotton inner lining, the girdle feels soft and breathable, offering first-class control and fit. The silicone bands are made to prevent it from rolling up or down. Also available in black.

A butt lifter that effectively softens the charming contours of your figure, shaping your belly, hips and thighs.

3. Aranza: postoperative shaping girdle

The belt has been manufactured on Powernet, it has flat and smooth seams, and offers firm compression maximized for all-day wear, while being highly breathable.

It will give a special shape to the midsection of your body offering you a firm abdomen control focused on highlighting your natural curves.

4. Salome: Butt Lift Girdle

Made on Powernet with cotton lining. It is a high compression lifter, so you can gradually increase the time of use as the body gets used to it. Available in black color.

You will achieve one beautiful silhouette in seconds with a relaxing sensation that will last you hours. You can use it as a postpartum girdle or postoperative girdle.

5. Aranza: half body sash

The girdle has been made on Powernet and offers maximized firm compression for all-day wear, where it remains highly breathable.

Fits your bodyIt is comfortable and allows you freedom of movement. With it you can reduce your waist and lift your butt.

6. Salome: Girdle for buttocks and thighs

Made in Powernet And with a cotton inner lining, the girdle has the perfect combination that provides the compression that your body needs, allowing you to breathe properly.

Giving you a natural lifting effect on your buttocks, the girdle will be invisible under your clothes. Display an hourglass figure without anyone noticing your secret. It is perfect for daily use.