Shape your figure and sport a magazine body in seconds.

The girdles together with exercise and diet, they form the perfect triangle to show off a figure stylized. There are them with different functions according to each area of ​​the body to be treated, but of all of them, we are going to mend those whose area of ​​work is the abdomen, and that allow you to show off a magazine body in seconds.

1. MYD: breathable multi-purpose girdle

The girdle is made of 88% nylon and 12% elastane. Shapes the body thanks to powernet, a strong and flexible material. On the other hand, its cotton inner layer softens your skin. Available in black color.

It is breathable and gives control to your abdomen, hips, legs and glutes. For daily use and as a postpartum girdle. Its shoulder straps are adjustable and it features a zipper at the crotch for easy bathroom use.

2. Fajitex: shaping girdle with removable straps

Made on powernetA special fabric that compresses the skin and has a slimming effect that shapes the body, the girdle offers you comfort with its soft material. It is highly breathable and hypoallergenic.

It smooths and thins your torso, cut the abdomen and it lifts your buttocks. You can use it after delivery or surgery.

3. Salome: girdle with push up effect

The girdle has been made on powernet It produces great control over problem areas, due to its elastane and polyamide composition. It comes with a flat zip closure that is not noticeable under clothing, combined with internal hooks for easy closure. Available in skin color.

Tea provides tummy control and butt lift. With its use, you will notice how it reduces inches from your waist and stomach, while lifting your butt in an instant.

4. Salome: compression and reduction girdle

Made in Powernet, the belt also has cotton lining. They come with a zip closure and internal hooks. Available in skin color.

Slim you down in seconds thanks to its corset design. Plus they give you the right amount of compression, while keeping your body fresh and well-shaped. You can use it after surgery.

5. Salome: corset type shaper

The girdle has been made on powernet which produces compression. For its part, the cotton inner lining allows movement with comfort. It comes with a flat zip closure that is not noticeable under clothing. Available in black color.

Reducer with abdomen and waist control. They are good for daily use and as a postpartum girdle after pregnancy. You can use it without being noticed under your wedding dress since it has flat seams and zipper that do not mark.

6. DPrada: invisible post operative girdle

Made with lycra lining inside It provides a fresh and smooth sensation on the skin, and with a powernet in the outer layer that provides the exact level of compression you need without any discomfort. Available in black color.

You can flatten your abdomen, visually reduce your waist, lift your tail and control your bust. Perfect for daily use. It will be invisible under clothing as it comes with flat seams.