A beautiful detail that you can keep for many years.

Reach out to 15 years it is a very important event. That age marks the transition from girl to woman, and it should be celebrated with a great party where the quinceañera can enjoy with her family and friends. A good gift for that occasion is a ring, delicate and feminine accessory that you can have as a memory of that special day for many years. Take a look at these models:

1. Ring White gold

15 year motif ring made in 10 carat white gold. Polished and carved with a crown design and includes zircon stones.

This beautiful ring is available in different sizes And it can be the perfect accessory to complement the quinceañera outfit. Includes gift box.

2. Ioka: Ring multicolored

14 karat solid gold ring, has 13 zircon stones and a heart that includes the number 15 in rosegold.

A ring for quinceañeras sweet and romantic. It is available in different sizes and is ideal to deliver to the birthday girl when she waltzes.

3. Ring 14k

14-carat yellow gold ring Hand carved. It has a heart on the front with the number 15 inside and the words fifteen years on the sides. Includes elegant velvet box.

If you are looking for a gift valuable and durable, this is the ideal. It is a jewel that you can keep for many years and even pass it from generation to generation.

4. Ring with said

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Quince Anos Ring with Dangling Heart Charm

14-carat gold ring hand-carved with finish rustic and opaque. This ring has the word fifteen years carved throughout the piece and includes a charm with the number 15 on the front.

An original and unique design for quinceañeras that are simpler but looking something original.

5. Ring Queen

Ring 10 carat yellow gold with a large queen crown on the front. Hand carved, this piece also features white and rose gold, with zirconia stones embedded at the base of the crown.

It includes gift box and you get it for less than $ 100. It has a design with many small details that will captivate the birthday girl.

6. Ring with butterflies

Delicate ring 10 carat yellow gold. Hand carved with a shiny finish, it has the number 15 on the front enclosed in a heart and a butterfly on each side.

It combines yellow gold with white and pink, making it a valuable accessory, very well designed and colorful.

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