Get ready to surprise all your friends with these amazing costumes.

Halloween It is one of the most anticipated festivities of the year, and that is why we always focus on getting the best costumes so we can surprise all of our friends and, who knows, maybe win one of the popular party contests. The truth is that the girls plus size We also have the right to have fun and dress up as our favorite characters; and that’s why here we decided to show you some options that you will surely love.

1. Enjoy Supergirl


Made in resistant material, the Supergirl costume features cape and belt. You just have to combine it with high boots and your look will be ready.

His thick belt will shape your waist and the length of the skirt will allow you to show off your legs discreetly.

2. Coat leopard with gloves and tail

This costume is perfect for those looking for a simpler outfit and that it is not very elaborate. Includes a hooded jacket, tail and gloves.

Due to its loose, comfortable design and animal print, you can easily hide any roll or chubby that you want to cover.

3. Disguise of Day of the Dead

This colorful and eye-catching costume from the Day of the Dead Catrina, includes the dress, the veil and the headdress with flowers.

Its bare shoulders give you a flirtatious and feminine touch, while its belt stylize your figure.

4. Black Widow Costume with elastic layer

The black widow costume is an outfit comfortable, fresh and original; making it perfect for a simple and quick look.

His design will stylize your body thanks to its black color and the style of its cape, while you can also show off your legs with heels or high boots.

5. Costume sexy little red riding hood

Made with satin and lace detailsThis costume includes a dress and a cape that you can combine with pantyhose, gloves and the characteristic basket.

It gives you a sensual look with which you will look beautiful throughout the celebration. It is an outfit that will surely give a lot to talk about.

6. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

East funny costume is inspired by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Includes a dress, jacket, bowtie and hat.

For a more original and striking style, this costume will catch all eyes. You can even use it to build an Alice-themed group costume.