Live a unique camping experience in the company of your whole family.

Go to to camp It is one of the favorite activities to do on the days off summer, and everything becomes much more fun and enjoyable if we have the opportunity to share the experience with our family. That is why this time we recommend the best tents from wide capacity and the best materials so that you can enjoy a few days in contact with nature in the company of your loved ones:

1. Coleman: Tent for 8 people

Coleman brand tent with capacity for 8 people. Made with mesh material of polyester resistant. It measures 16 x 7 feet, a 74-inch center height and 11-millimeter fiberglass poles.

It is a large travel tent, ideal for 8 people to sleep and rest inside it with total comfort. Its polyester material stands out for its high quality and waterproof quality.

2. CORE: Tent with separate rooms

Tent big size, which has a center height of 78 ”, in addition to presenting a capacity for 9 people. It has a comfortable separation with storage pockets. Includes rain fly.

If you are looking for a tent with ample capacity to take your whole family on a trip and that the members are comfortable Inside, this option is ideal for you. Easy installation that does not exceed 60 seconds.

3. Kodiak Canvas: Spacious tent for 8 people

Spacious tent with capacity for 8 people, made of material breathable, strong, durable and waterproof cotton. It has a large 6.6 ”roof, two large D-shaped doors with zippers and large mesh windows.

This tent stands out for the spaciousness of its interior, resulting totally comfortable to walk inside, settle and rest. Ideal for all kinds of trips.

4. Coleman: Tent with large windows

Tent model wide and resistant with capacity for 8 people. It has enough space for 2 queen size beds. It has large mesh windows and doors that keep insects away. It measures 14 x 10 feet, with 6 feet and 5 inches of central height.

If you are looking for a spacious tent and resistant likewise, this Coleman brand model stands out for its internal width and mesh windows. Your family will feel comfortable and safe every night.

5. Browning Camping: Super resistant camping tent


Large independent tent, made of polyester, fiberglass posts and steel studs. Likewise, it has two doors, six large windows and a mesh ceiling. It offers an optimal ventilation system.

This tent offers stability and comfort at all times. All the members of your family will be able to rest inside the tent with the utmost security during the summer holidays.

6. HUI LINGYANG: Spacious tent with easy installation

Travel tent model spacious Seating for 4 people. It has a 9.5 x 6.6 ft floor and a 4.3 ft center height. In turn, it has mesh windows and 2 doors that provide optimal air flow.

What stands out most about this travel tent with a spacious interior is its strong polyester material and mesh, which allow a comfortable air transfer when sleeping. You will feel comfortable with your family on your next vacation.