An easy and aesthetic way to add a little extra lighting to your home spaces.

We like to keep our spaces well illuminated; however, when paying the bills this can be expensive. If you are looking save money without sacrificing your comfort, a good option is led light tapes, that in addition to consuming less energy, they allow you to personalize your spaces with the possibility of lighting in different colors. Check out these options:

1. Light ribbon Simfonio

Low voltage light strip (12V). They have a length of 5 metersThey are waterproof and can be cut every 3 LEDs. Comes with remote control control.

Practical and resistant, this reel of lights has a memory function to store your settings, adjustable brightness adjustment and the possibility of placing them in multicolour mode. They come with adhesive.

2. LED strip lights Supernight

2-pack of 32.8-foot long LED light reels. They come with remote control and they are not waterproof.

These LED light strips can be cut lengthwise following the pattern of the cut line, come with Scotch tape that adapts to any flat and dry surface.

3. Multicolor light ribbon Daybetter

12V ribbon lights, come with remote control, cables and kit including accessory to cut the ribbon.

They are easy to install and have the self-adhesive back for fast and safe application. They can be touched by children.

4. Remote control light strip Novostella

12V RGB LED light strip. It is 20 feet long and includes 180 bright LEDs. It comes with long distance remote control and has 20 color options, 8 light modes and 6 DIY keys.

You can install it in a matter of seconds thanks to the adhesive tape that includes on the back, It is touchable and safe for children and should not be exposed to water.

5. Light strip with installation TBI Pro

Set of two strips of RGB LED lights 32. 8 feet. They come with adhesive tape on the back, 44-key remote control, IR controller, power adapter, and connectors.

They are easy to install and cut, ideal for interior decoration, since they do not overheat.

6. Smart light ribbon Minger

LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa, Govee 32.8ft Waterproof Wireless Smart Phone Controlled Led Light Strip Kit, WiFi Music Sync Led Lights Strip Works with Alexa Google Assistant (Not Support 5G)

Latest technology LED light strips with 32.8 feet length and configuration with Alexa system. They are waterproof and can be controlled via WIFI with a smartph

These strips of light modern and minimalist They can be configured with thousands of RGB color patterns. In addition, through its remote control you can synchronize them with your favorite music and at the time of your preference.