Take your dog for a walk with confidence and safety thanks to these collars.

Have a pet and caring for it properly requires time, disposition, discipline and responsibility. That is why it is not enough just to give her food or take her out for a walk; We must also try to give her care specially designed for her and thus be able to ensure her well-being, health, happiness and safety.

In the case of dogs, the smaller you adopt it, the faster it will get used to human contact and thus it will be able to cope with greater tranquility and confidence in different environments and situations. The important thing is to always provide him with the tools for his correct development, and also maintain sufficient discipline to teach him to behave well both with other people and with other animals.

We must always keep in mind that a dog suffers, feels, suffers and is excited like all living beings, so as its closest people it is necessary that we are always ready to protect it and provide the care it needs during its growth and adulthood. In particular, we must be very careful and vigilant while they are puppies, since it is the age in which they are more prone to make mischief or not follow the instructions we give them very well, so the dreaded escapes are very common.

In this sense, it is important to have the necessary tools to be able to face these unfortunate situations, and at present, the technology is our main ally. That is why there are various devices that will help you track and locate your dog in case you lose or run away from home, and thus be able to guarantee your safety, well-being and health; Because the more time you spend alone on the street, the more likely you are to have an accident, become dehydrated, or walk away so much that you no longer know how to find your way back.

The locator collars They are an excellent option for these cases, since they allow you to locate your dog in a short time and with very little margin for error. It is a device that you can always carry with total comfort and so you can take it for a walk with confidence and tranquility. There are many different styles and designs to choose from; But the important thing is that you have one with which both you and your dog feel comfortable.

Remember that as another member of your family, you pet deserves to have all the protection and care you seek for others; and if you keep your dog In an environment of security and love, he will always know how to appreciate it.

1. Locator necklace with tracking control

East pet tracker It is ideal for medium-sized cats or dogs. You can easily place it on your pet’s collar and it will not cause any discomfort. It works with a system similar to a GPS, so it allows you to find it in a short time if it gets lost or runs away from home.

It includes two tracker buttons so you can have one on each collar of your dog so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put it on. The tracking system is included with the product, so it does not require additional subscriptions or monthly payments.

2. Tracking collar with tracker Findster

This ingenious tracking device is suitable for cats and dogs and features a transmitter pendant for the collar and a receiver that you can always carry with you. It has a follow-up with gps technology And you can synchronize it with your cell phone to see the movements of your pet live.

East tracking collar transmits the information in real time so you can know where your dog is at all times. It does not require service subscriptions or additional payments, making it a practical and efficient tool for the care of your pet.

3. GPS locator for pets

With tracking technology using the GPS function, this locator collar is perfect for cats and dogs of any size. Count with one activity monitor that allows you to see where your pet is at any time of the day.

It has a waterproof cover and design that keeps it protected from water and external agents such as dust or dirt. You should only place it on your dog’s collar and thus you will feel more confident and confident when taking it for a walk, since you can easily locate it.

4. Tracking collar with long battery life

This powerful tracker with gps system Integrated it can locate your pet in real time no matter where it is. It is waterproof and shock resistant, and it also has a movement history function, so you can know the route your dog has followed.

The tracker includes its own adjustable necklace, so you won’t have to buy a special It is a safe and practical way to take care of the safety and well-being of your dog.

5. Waterproof locator and light

This locator with GPS function is easy to place on your pet’s collar, and due to its lightweight and slim design It will not cause you any discomfort. It has a battery of more than 7 days long, so you don’t have to worry about charging it every time.

It has an efficient Activity control in real time, so you can follow each of your dog’s movements no matter where it is. You receive notifications instantly on your cell phone from the device’s application, which transmits the information through a 2G band.

6. Tracker Pendant Button DOTT

This little tracker button can easily hang on your dog’s collar and features a smart tracking system with applications like integrated Bluetooth and GPS for your comfort and tranquility.

Is tracking tag It works more efficiently with a microchip, which you can install on any mobile device and thus capture the signal and locate your dog even if it is not in your field of vision. It also has skillful community network support under the DOTT brand that gives you help and technical support at any time of the day.